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ArtistPR's Blog – November 2023 Archive (29)

Manuel K Drops New Rocking Single, “The Wave”

Azmoos, SG, Switzerland — On December 07, 2023, Manuel K will release his eighth single „The Wave“ worldwide.

Manuel K on “The Wave”: “This song is brand new. I wrote the lyrics during this year’s summer vacation in Italy and started recording the first demos soon after. During August/September, I recorded all instruments and vocals in my home studio in Switzerland except drums. On drums you can hear the incredibly talented Gina “G” Osmar (USA). The…


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“Resonance of Sorrow”: Sounds M’s Latest Single Captures the Profound Dichotomy of Emotions

Osaka, Osaka, Japan — Sounds M, the musical project helmed by the Japan-based composer Mayumi Masuya, is gearing up for the release of their latest single, “Resonance of Sorrow,” scheduled to debut on November 10, 2023. The single promises an evocative and profound musical journey, skillfully weaving elements of melancholy and hope into a harmonious composition.

Building upon the innate depth of the piano, Sounds M intricately crafts a compelling…


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Primo Banks street runner album recorded in hotel

Houston, TX — Street runners is the fifth studio album by American rapper Primo Banks. It was released through Hell Raisers Entertainment Corp on 12-18-2018. The album has no features & the visual artwork was created by himself using an iPhone. Primo captured the cover photo while doing a press run in Las Vegas, NV.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Primo Banks has been street running for over a decade. As a member of Hip Hop’s sonically soul wave…


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New album out in Dicember 2023

Rome, IT, Italy — It will be out by December the highly anticipated new album by Marcello Appignani entitled Angeli – Nuove apparizioni (Angels – New Apparitions, Ed. MEP – Music Ensemble Publishing). The CD, both physical and digital, is the ninth of the Italian composer and is released following a long gestation period, six years after the release of the previous album Solochitarra (Guitar only).

The project involves a…


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Reinventing Memorable Musical Compositions with a Contemporary Twist – SOMMERFIELD Delivers New Record ‘So Completely’

Straddling the worlds of Alternative, Pop, and Rock, SOMMERFIELD’s newest drop ‘So Completely’ encapsulates audiences with its refreshing vibe

Southington, CT —— November 23rd, 2023 – A dynamic collective, SOMMERFIELD invites audiences to delve into his latest musical offering, “So Completely” – an album that transcends genres with its classic melodic pop…


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A Charismatic and Unapologetic Face of Hip Hop, Experimental, and Jazz – Ace Kamp ENT’s Swurve Drops New Album

Titled ‘New Jack City,’ Swurve’s collaborative new multi-genre record reshapes Urban Reality Music with an immersive musical journey

Warren, Ohio —November 27th, 2023 – A brilliant force in the world of music, Ace Kamp ENT continues to foster the spirit of community. At the helm of their movement stands acclaimed, budding artist, Swurve.

Swurve is an artist who doesn’t simply create music- he crafts an experience…


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TVR Affiliated Artists Rock Hypnotic Holiday Funk!

Oakland, CaliforniaTrue Vibe Records presents “Christmas Cheer Is Here Again,” an infectious blend of R&B, Jazz/Funk, and Latin infused with Blues instrumentation, hip-hop beats, and inspired vocals ranging from Singing to full Rap. The vibe is hypnotic, and the super danceable nature of the piece never lets up in the best possible way.  Musically speaking, there were some nice surprises on the first listen.…


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An Inventive Spectacle of Sonic Brilliance: P-Stubbz801 Enthralls with Symphony of Innovation “Vent It”

Brimming with raw talent, P-Stubbz801’s dynamic musical compositions present a blend of uniqueness, individuality, and genius

Salt Lake City, Utah —November 30th, 2023 – In the vibrant landscape of Hip Hop, P-Stubbz801 emerges as a timeless force, delivering a musical experience that underscores an inimitable, inventive, and striking genius that…


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Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria — Brian 3rill is thrilled to announce the release of the latest music project,titled GREATNESS II.

This collaborative album is a genres of an afro fusion and amapiano vibes, showcasing the unique talents of each artiston this project and their ability to seamlessly blend different styles of music.

GREATNESS II is now available for purchase on all music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music…


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Fascinating Rhythmic Voyage from California to Black Hills – Self-Made Artist & Producer Mi$ter Valentine Enthralls All

Under the imprint of GMT Records LLC., Mi$ter Valentine is all set to captivate listeners with compelling, distinct, and creative Hip Hop verses

Belle Fourche, South Dakota —November 24th, 2023 – In the serene town of Belle Fourche, South Dakota, a musical luminary rises – Mi$ter Valentine, the artistic force behind GMT Records LLC. Embodying the spirit of…


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A Profound, Moving, and Heartfelt Tapestry of Pop – Ira Lawrence Rosoff Presents “A Good Angel”

The fourth single from Ira Lawrence Rosoff’s solo record- “Count to Ten,” the passionate new single captivates audiences with poetic, contemporary elements

St. Petersburg, Florida —November 17th, 2023 –”A Good Angel” heralds the arrival of Ira Lawrence Rosoff’s solo album, “Count To Ten.” Crafted in collaboration with Bozenna ‘Bo’ Intrator, the single is…


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The ghost of you, maybe your next favorite song but who knows?

Vroomshoop, Overijsel, Netherlands — Introducing ‘The Ghost of You’: A Compelling Techno Masterpiece Set to Make Waves. With its captivating melodies and dynamic beats, this latest track promises to captivate listeners across genres, signaling a potential chart-topping sensation in the making.

Catering to EDM enthusiasts, ‘The Ghost of You’ stands as a captivating techno piece that has already hit the airwaves. Available on Spotify, this track offers…


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“Greg Sterling Country Christmas”

With his entertaining and witty single, Greg Sterling channels his passion for Classic Country Music, and he invites listeners to get into the fun and spirit of the holiday season.

Nashville, Tennessee —  Singer/songwriter Greg Sterling’s Christmas single has become a holiday favorite.

“That Better Be Santa Claus’’ is just one part of the artist’s exceptional discography. His diverse sound highlights this Classic Country song of…


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Delivering Unique Jazz, Chill-Hop, and R&B Fusions- Eric Thomas Stuns with New EP “The Living Room Sessions”

A genre-defying sensation, Eric Thomas is a world-class saxophonist and producer

Atlanta, GA —November 21st, 2023 – A driven and talented Miami-born saxophonist, Eric Thomas has captivated audiences with his scintillating fusion of Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Funk, since the release of his debut album, “Take It…


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An Exhilarating Fusion of Alternative, Ambient, and Electronic Rhythms – Arman Ayva Unveils “Playful Comebacks”

Straddling a diverse blend of music streams, Arman Ayva’s jazzy and groovy new single, “Playful Comebacks” is an expression of ingenuity

Montreal, Quebec, Canada —November 17th, 2023 – Arman Ayva’s energetic, jazzy, and groovy new release is one that defies boundaries and traditional musical conceptions, inviting listeners to a unique musical experience. Titled, “…


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For Immediate Release

Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa — South African Rapper Cool Kidoo Unleashes Vibrant Energy with Latest Single “Party”

Manguzi, KwaZulu Natal) — Cool Kidoo, the dynamic South African rapper, born Simphiwe Sibongiseni Phoseka, is back in the spotlight with his latest track “Party,” featuring vocal contributions from the talented LavaBoy SA. Known for his versatile style spanning Hip hop, Trap Soul, Amapiano, and UK Drill, Cool Kidoo has made waves…


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Magic Pride of the North

Buffalo, NY — This article is about my Songwriting/ghost writing career and my Hip hop Album’s.  Peace ✌️.

Ghost wrote for Ed Sheeran, Queen, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Eminem, Dr Dre, 50 Cent, JAY-Z, Lorde, KID ROCK, Green Day and others. Peace ✌️.

I’m gonna change the game with my Buffalo Stock Exchange, Release the Brain!!!

Pride of the North Album.  From the Streets To The White House album.  Singles MOMENT OF SILENCE and OG…


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Reviving Authentic ’80s Soundscapes: Dress to Kill Reignites the Era of Analog Synth Pop

Dress To Kill’s melodic and enriching Electronic Pop music echoes a unique and characteristic mix of 80’s nostalgia

Ottawa, ON, Canada —November 28th, 2023 – Dress To Kill, an iconic Pop duo originally hailing from Liverpool, delivers a distinct and genuine sound straight from the golden era of 80’s pop culture.

In 1984, Andi Cooper and Jim Doran…


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INSTRUMENTAL by SCARLETT DEVA – Ambient Rhythms & Smooth Jazz Instrumentation- Solo Female Pianist-Artist Scarlett Deva Mesmerizes with “INSTRUMENTAL”

An artist, composer, pianist, and producer, Scarlett Deva showcases her unbridled musical prowess with a spellbinding jazz record for the ages

Toronto, ON, Canada —Having released on October 31, 2023, Scarlett Deva’s five-piece collection fuses modern jazz with classical elements, delivering a sonic experience that is both contemporary and timeless.

Scarlett Deva’s One Woman Show has…


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Florida artist proves he can make a mainstream song on new release “Lookin Propa”

Delray Beach, Florida — Delray Beach’s rising musical talent EFFE QYD drops a sonic gem on November 3rd, 2023, titled “Lookin Propa.” The artist, known for his high-vibrational music, has taken it upon himself to break the mold of the industry’s repetitive soundscape. Produced by the skilled xicoPino and engineered by the talented team at Loststudios NYC and Atunov_Mastering, “Lookin Propa” promises to be a refreshing departure from the…


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