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Reviving Authentic ’80s Soundscapes: Dress to Kill Reignites the Era of Analog Synth Pop

Dress To Kill’s melodic and enriching Electronic Pop music echoes a unique and characteristic mix of 80’s nostalgia

Ottawa, ON, Canada —November 28th, 2023 – Dress To Kill, an iconic Pop duo originally hailing from Liverpool, delivers a distinct and genuine sound straight from the golden era of 80’s pop culture.

In 1984, Andi Cooper and Jim Doran founded Dress To Kill, drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Fashion, Depeche Mode, Japan, and Gary Numan. Their musical journey began without modern-day conveniences like sequencers or computers. Utilizing synths such as the Moog Rogue and Roland Juno 6, coupled with drum machines, they crafted their signature sound.

Starting with their debut performance in Liverpool’s The System nightclub in 1985, Dress To Kill instantly captivated audiences, reminiscent of acclaimed bands like Ultravox, New Order, and The Human League. However, it was in 1987, amidst life’s changes, that they ventured into a 12×12 bedroom armed with a Fostex 260 4-track porta studio, synths, and a drum machine.

For 37 years, their music remained unheard, yet now, through collaboration with Ottawa recording engineer Jason Jaknunas, Dress To Kill’s original recordings are undergoing a revival. Rather than re-recording, the songs are receiving professional mixing while maintaining their authentic ’80s essence.

Their tracks, including “The Showman,” “Twilight,” and “Watching the Ships Burn,” bring back the energy and emotion of the ’80s electronic pop scene. The duo invites listeners to stream or purchase their music, promising to infuse contemporary audiences with the genuine spirit of Dress to Kill once more.



Dress To Kill’s musical saga originated from an ’80s analog synth retro new wave, created within the confines of a 12×12 bedroom. Initially recorded on a 4-track cassette porta studio, their music now enters the digital era. Andi and Jim’s shared musical influences and their quest to establish a unique fusion of melodic electronic pop lay the foundation for Dress To Kill.

After 37 years, the music has resurfaced, thanks to Ottawa recording engineer Jason Jaknunas, who helps Dress To Kill reintroduce their authentic ’80s sound. As the duo unveils this musical time capsule, they invite audiences to rediscover the magic of ’80s pop with a contemporary twist.


Dress To Kill
Name: Andi Cooper



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