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A Charismatic and Unapologetic Face of Hip Hop, Experimental, and Jazz – Ace Kamp ENT’s Swurve Drops New Album

Titled ‘New Jack City,’ Swurve’s collaborative new multi-genre record reshapes Urban Reality Music with an immersive musical journey
Warren, Ohio —November 27th, 2023 – A brilliant force in the world of music, Ace Kamp ENT continues to foster the spirit of community. At the helm of their movement stands acclaimed, budding artist, Swurve.

Swurve is an artist who doesn’t simply create music- he crafts an experience where listeners connect with every beat and resonate with the messages embedded in each track.With hit tracks such as “Hey Mama” that has been streamed over 12,000+ times, as well as the track “The Block Paid Me” from 2023 EP ‘Respect Game,’ Swurve continues to inspire and motivate audiences.

With his 8-track album- “New Jack City (project),” music becomes a powerful messenger. Each song in the new record is a chapter, narrating stories that listeners from all walks of life can relate to. From the raw beats to the soul-stirring lyrics, the enigmatic album touches on diverse topics, creating a sonic landscape where reality meets rhythm.

“New Jack City (project)” is a collaborative masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of traditional genres. Released on September 8th, 2023, the album is not merely a collection of tracks- it is a sonic voyage where experimental beats, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Rap converge.

At the core of “New Jack City (project)” lies the synergy of talented voices—Swurve, Shadi HBK, Cheez AK, and Kardiac Arrested. This joint endeavor is more than a musical project; it forms a testament to the diverse influences and collaborative spirit that define Ace Kamp ENT.

Ace Kamp ENT doesn’t just create music; they orchestrate stories. The “New Jack City (project)” is a canvas where urban reality unfolds through every beat. Listeners aren’t just passive observers; they become part of the narrative. From the streets of eastern Ohio to the neighborhoods of western Pennsylvania, the new record forms a sonic journey through the essence of real-life experiences.

Swurve invites audiences to join the movement and stream his exciting new music on Spotify and other official music streaming platforms! Follow the artist on social media, tune in on music platforms, and become part of a growing community.


Inviting audiences to the heart of experimental sounds where Hip Hop, Jazz, and Rap converge, Ace Kamp ENT have crafted their own unique presence. One of their promising and bold faces includes Swurve, whose lyrical genius transcends the bounds of traditional Hip Hop.

Becoming an ingenious front-runner in the genre, Swurve’s journey is a testament to artistic evolution and a commitment to authenticity. Collaborating with artists such as E MOZZY and Cheez ak, the artist’s release was a prelude to ‘In a Broken System’ and the single ‘Nobody’ featuring T-Rell & Cheez ak.

Swurve’s collaborative spirit extends further with joint projects featuring Shill Macc, Shady Nate, The Gatlin, Nutcase ak, and Shadi HBK, showcasing his versatility. Swurve is a six-time winner on Indie Tuesday, Speaker Leaker radio, marking his impact on the independent music scene. The artist’s long-term goal remains cultivating a strong fan base, proof of his impact and resonance of his unique brand of urban reality music.


Ace Kamp ENT
Name: Swurve



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