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Fascinating Rhythmic Voyage from California to Black Hills – Self-Made Artist & Producer Mi$ter Valentine Enthralls All

Under the imprint of GMT Records LLC., Mi$ter Valentine is all set to captivate listeners with compelling, distinct, and creative Hip Hop verses
Belle Fourche, South Dakota —November 24th, 2023 – In the serene town of Belle Fourche, South Dakota, a musical luminary rises – Mi$ter Valentine, the artistic force behind GMT Records LLC. Embodying the spirit of Hip Hop, Valentine is not just a rapper; he is a self-made entrepreneur, producer, and songwriter, who is driven to leave his own unique mark on the Midwest music scene.

What sets Mi$ter Valentine’s music apart is its uniqueness in translating his life experiences into resonant tunes that connect with listeners on a profound level. His artistry becomes a vessel for emotions, a space where listeners are free to interpret and immerse themselves in the raw, unfiltered narratives of Mi$ter Valentine’s journey.

The artist’s unique compositions, such as: ”CODE,” “Strong Love,” “Valentine the Great,” and “All My Life,” each display an unparalleled, electric musical appeal. The essence of Mi$ter Valentine’s motivation, however, lies in his pursuit of being self-made, navigating success on his terms despite unconventional beginnings.

Purpose-driven and relentless, Mi$ter Valentine sees life as a challenge only as formidable as one allows it to be. This philosophy fuels his dedication to the music career, a journey of learning the industry’s intricacies to later guide and inspire others.

Inspiration for Mi$ter Valentine emanates from the underdog story – the tales of ordinary individuals who defied odds, embraced the grind, and transformed nothing into something extraordinary.

Influenced by artists like Nipsey Hussle, J-Cole, Dom Kennedy, Big Sean, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar, Mi$ter Valentine sees himself not just as an artist but as a fan, drawing inspiration from the indomitable human spirit.

With eyes set on the future, Mi$ter Valentine’s main goal is to attract a vast audience and cultivate a growing fan base. As an entrepreneur, he recently partnered with the Slovakian luxury watch company “Paraverne,” aiming to elevate both his personal brand and GMT Records LLC to new heights.

Stream, buy, and download Mi$ter Valentine’s new music on his official music streaming platforms! Follow the artist on social media for updates on new and upcoming music releases, and reach out for interviews, reviews, merchandise, and/or collaborations!



Victor Romeo Valentine Sr., professionally known as Mi$ter Valentine, is more than an artist – he is also the CEO and producer of the creative powerhouse of GMT Records LLC and ALFAHBEATZ Production Ltd. Born on November 30, 1989, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, his journey unfolds across Southern California to the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota.

As the owner of GMT Records LLC, Mi$ter Valentine has orchestrated a symphony of collaborations, releasing music featuring artists such as Dom Dada, Alter Above, and producers like AD Turn Up. While there are no imminent release dates, the air is thick with anticipation as new projects and collaborations are in the incubation phase, promising a fresh sonic experience.


Mi$ter Valentine of GMT Records LLC
Name: Mi$ter Valentine



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