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The ghost of you, maybe your next favorite song but who knows?

Vroomshoop, Overijsel, Netherlands — Introducing ‘The Ghost of You’: A Compelling Techno Masterpiece Set to Make Waves. With its captivating melodies and dynamic beats, this latest track promises to captivate listeners across genres, signaling a potential chart-topping sensation in the making.

Catering to EDM enthusiasts, ‘The Ghost of You’ stands as a captivating techno piece that has already hit the airwaves. Available on Spotify, this track offers an engaging experience for those captivated by pulsating beats and intricate melodies. Released on 10-24-2023, it continues to enthrall listeners, already making waves within the techno music landscape.

Being able to create music that resonates with listeners is a true privilege,” says the artist behind ‘The Ghost of You.’ One fan hailed it as “an electrifying blend of beats and emotion,” while a renowned music critic described it as “a testament to the evolution of techno.” The track has already garnered attention for its ability to fuse raw emotion with the captivating energy of the techno genre.

Introducing ‘The Ghost of You’: a captivating techno masterpiece currently available on Spotify. Embracing pulsating beats and intricate melodies, this track appeals to EDM enthusiasts seeking an immersive sonic journey. Praised by fans and critics alike for its emotional resonance and evolutionary impact on the techno genre, it stands as a compelling addition to the music landscape.

Experience the captivating techno journey of ‘The Ghost of You’ on Spotify and dive into the immersive beats at




Jordi Martijnse is an 19 year old artist from the Netherlands. He is focusing on making music that will inspire people to follow there dreams. He doesn’t really has a main genre because jordi thinks you have to taste every single piece of it to know it


Jordi Martijnse
Name: Jordi Martijnse



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