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December 2022 Blog Posts (92)

jjLamar - Living Testimony

Faith in God Records presents jjLamar album Living Testimony. Stream on all digital platforms now.

jjLamar - Living Testimony…


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Hyping Audiences with a Dosage of Electrifying, High Energy Hip Hop- DeeWoo’s New Single “Coat” Exhilarates All

A versatile singer-songwriter, DeeWoo does more than just create original and tantalizing rhythms- the artist’s brilliant storytelling sets him apart from all contemporaries

Washington, Dc — Slated to drop on January 10th, 2023, DeeWoo’s sensational new release brings with itself a surge of positivity and plain good vibes. Featuring 2100Mike and produced by @_A4Key, DeeWoo’s new single, “Coat” bedazzles audiences with its…


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An Exciting Mix of Electrifying And Alluring Music: Nikolas Knapp Releases A Hit New Music Album That Keeps The Audience Hooked.

‘Healing’ is a masterful consortium of music that is premised on the artist’s own relatable life experiences to help bring positivity into the world.

North Platte, Nebraska — Nikolas Knapp is a young up-and-coming artist who produces music that syncs with the hearts and minds of listeners. The young star believes in using his faith for the betterment of the people by spreading a message of…


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New music from Miami hottest group (The newoutkast)

Miami, FL — Cooler Headz Prevail is a rap group out of Miami, FL.   Consisting of JR Ewing and Trace Bizzle, they are tearing up the underground by their smash single ” too sexy”.  Also, with the legendary Beanie Sigel, lucky charms have been giving the hip hop heads something the listen to. Lyrics and production makes their music something special.  They are song writing geniuses that command every syllable in a bar yet have contrasting styles with…


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Zillionaire Playboy - "Born Ballin"

Rising artist Zillionaire Playboy just dropped a hot new project titled "Born Ballin". Check it out below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.…


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Omar Nisbeth Uses His Soulful Vocals On His Debut Album, Unbounded Energy

Dolton, Illinois — Omar released his debut album, Unbounded Energy, on July 19, 2022 and quickly gained success with nearly 300,000 streams in just a few months. The album takes everyone on an emotional ride with the sad, yet motivational ballad track, “Brightest Star”, Dance tracks like “Givin’ In To The Groove” or “Travel Destinations” to melancholy tracks like “Never Shield Our Minds”.  Each song on this album, whether upbeat or not, always has some sort…


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Soul-Shaking And Mind Opening Gospel Music: Ruth K.O. Is Known For Creating Musical Symphonies That Inspire Musicians From Far And Wide.

This consortium of music is known for inciting the unwavering and dutiful love for God into the hearts of listeners both through sound and image.

Kildare, Kildare, Ireland — October 16th, 2022- Ruth K.O. is a brilliant new up-and-coming artist who has used her extensive exposure to the world as a reason to make a difference in this world through her music. This mix of amazing tunes has helped produce a unique platform that celebrates…


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Grainz North - "Caught Up"

Grainz North releases the “Caught Up” music video from his latest musical offering a mixtape titled “For What Its Worth The Way2Loud Edition”.…


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Gaiinz - "On The Run"

Gaiinz was born and raised in Buffalo NY. Gaiinz "The Buffalo Bully" is a rapper based out of Las Vegas Nevada from Buffalo NY. Gaiinz has been rapping all his life looking up to hip hop artist such as Jay-z, Nas and Wu-Tang.…


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Embrace the Raw, Melancholic Melodies of Americana with Transformative Storytelling – Singer-Artist Damien Rattler Drops New Album

Offering an incredible depth and vivid imagery, Damien Rattler’s new record ‘Heartache at Sunrise’ is a heartfelt journey through the brilliance of human emotions

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Damien Rattler is no stranger to virtuosity. With his expert songwriting skills, compositional flow, fluent production, and stellar instrumentation, Rattler has created a noteworthy presence in the music world. With the release of his striking new…


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I’m from Reserve Louisiana im 38 years song writer changed man don’t smoke or drink looking to make good music for the industry

Gramercy, Louisiana — Always love music, it’s Tha Deuce passion since he was 13 years old it’s his dream to make it in the industry.

Everyone should care he is christening don’t smoke or drink. Love God he’s the head of his life. He know he can’t live without him.

Never give up trust the Process believe in oneself. And always do best.

He love hard he is…


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Willie T ft. Flame La Sauce - "Laugh Now Cry Later"

Laugh Now Cry Later is a Single release featuring Willie T and Flame La Sauce. The song was produced by Fabo Beatz. Laugh Now Cry Later is to motivate you to live your life fully. It encourages you to take action and think about the consequences later…


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A Spectacle of Moving Stories and Powerful Experiences- Presenting the Brilliance of Rap-R&B Star Faye Breezy

Sharing her inventive skills, charismatic flair, and spirited compositions with the world, Faye Breezy hopes to connect with all kinds of audiences

Corona, Ca — A striking story fashioned with love, attention, and originality, Faye Breezy’s exciting single, “My Fallback” is arguably her best work to date. R&B through and through, the inviting track sparks the much-needed fire of motivation and upliftment one needs to get through…


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The Eska brings Fresh Perspective To Hip-Hop With Single ‘Cinnamon Roll’

About The Release…


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Marking His Territory with a Compelling Underground Appeal – Att!cus Wins Hearts with New Track “Cashing Out”

Creating music that is geared towards fans of Hip Hop but also representative of his distinct tastes and dynamism, Att!cus is changing the face of the genre

Austin, TX — An individual who brings his own stirring and matchless energy to the forefront, Att!cus is a budding singer-songwriter in Hip Hop. Carving out his own captivating world view, the talented artist showcases a never-seen-before charisma and flair. His exciting new…


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Award-winning producer, singer/songwriter, composer releases another epic record.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Award-winning producer, singer/songwriter, composer releases holiday single

Toronto-based renaissance artist reflects on the importance of work-life balance with his heartwarming new single “Hear The Angels Sing”.

Out now on all platforms.

In the 1990s Chris Birkett was working around the clock as the UK’s go-to-producer/engineer working on legendary projects, such as Sinead O’Connor’s album “I Do Not Want…


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Apple Music Promotions & Marketing - Social Media -Featured Artists!

Apple Music…


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Experience the Unmatched Energy of Trap Metal Hip Hop Like Never Before – 4HEES Drops New Album ‘Killing Spree’

Showcasing his artistic brilliance and unique production, 4HEES’ new album is an unforgettable journey through the realm of death trap and horrorcore

Sayreville, New Jersey — A glorious amalgamation of all the darkest genres, 4HEES’ newest album, “Killing Spree” is a dream come true for fans of dark core music. With a nihilistic and genre-bending approach, this album is a strategic fusion of deathcore, dark-trap, gangster-rap,…


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Celebrating Life and Ushering the New Year with Mellow Americana and Soft Rock- Tepoe Nash Drops “Another Year”

Dedicated to all the hope, life, love, and emotions that a new year promises, Tepoe Nash’s powerful new release is one that every listener will relish

Nashville, Tennessee — An Americana single that enlightens all the grace of a new year- ripe with opportunity and promise- “Another Year” is Tepoe Nash at his best. Released under the imprint of Poe Records, the new track walks audiences through all the seasons of the…


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Melding Jazz, RnB, and Soul Music with Expertise: Introducing to the World Kesha Janaan

Through the help of compelling compositions released so far and a number of tunes lined up for release later, rising artist Kesha Janaan is proving to be a breath of fresh air in the music scene

Albuquerque, New Mexico – December 25th, 2022 – Up-and-coming artist Kesha Janaan is a true force to be dealt with in the world of music, possessing incredible excellence in the genres of Jazz, RnB, and Soul music. Having released a bunch of songs so…


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