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Who Is Zai?

Zai, sometimes called “Chameleon” really lives up to his nickname from studying Electrical Engineering to a career in the music industry. Zai discovered his passion for music while attending TSU, focusing on his studies but also making his dreams come true by performing at local shows and writing for various upcoming…


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XanDan The Artist, The Entrepreneur, The PR,The All Around Hustler From Baltimore…

XanDan Was Born And Raised In East Baltimore . He Has Always Had A Passion for Music & Entertainment Since He was A kid. His favorite Artists Growing Up Was The Hot Boys,  Dmx , Tupac, Dipset, JadaKiss & More. But Growing Up In Baltimore City Wasn’t A Cake Walk.…


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3isthemagic - "Space Dreams"

Dallas artist 3isthemagic announces the much anticipated official music video for ‘The Moon’ which was released on the Project: ‘Space Dreams’.

The vision for the new music video came from the lyrics of the song. “You either die by they plans or use it fuel… Fuel to the Moon, I’m on…


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Vaughn Davis’s New Album ‘Wisdom Is Rich’ will reach Classic Status

The last time Vaughn Davis graced us with a full length project was January 31st 2018. In an age of transitory attention-spans 4 years can be viewed as a risky hiatus for a relatively fresh face to the music scene. However, with his third album Wisdom Is Rich Vaughn completely erases any assumptions of losing a step by kicking down the door, while asserting… Continue

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[Coming Soon] ABK Gatez new EP 'Authentic'

Nashville artist ABK Gatez is gearing up for the release of his upcoming EP 'Authentic'. Dropping everywhere July 9th 2022.

Stay Connected @1Abkgatez @xxl…


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Mitch Shaffer - "Upon Further Caffeination"

Mitch Shaffer is a 25 year-old male who will not be quitting his day job any time soon.

"Upon Further Caffeination" is…


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Brooklyn, NY — THISMINORITY shares creations in order to put you in YOUR PLACE…

This PLACE is one of SELF LOVE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Took him a long time to find the love that is the foundation and explanation for why he creates what he creates.

The reason This Minority’s face is hidden is not because of fear— it’s to show change, the metamorphosis out of the…


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Rapper MYDNITE debuted with a bang, all from his phone

“If they don’t like me, oh well,” M¥dN!t£ rapped with clear bravado on his title track.

Chicago-based rapper M¥dN!t£ (pronounced Midnight), real name Mike Miller, recently released his self-titled album on streaming platforms worldwide. While on the outside M¥dN!t£’s first release seems like any other rap debut, what makes M¥dN!t£…


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Let Change the World "Keep on" by Sabi Pitt

In this day and age, we can use positivity in our lives, Sabi Pitt is here to deliver a message of encouragement and love. Get ready for the new version of we are the…


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Flori Da Don "Stay Out The Mix" Video

Flori Da Don releases "Stay Out The Mix", which is a detailed message of how street life is no joke. "Stay Out The Mix" is another way if saying, "stay out of the streets", if you are not prepared to deal with its harsh realities, such as betrayal from loved ones, long jail sentences for drug crime offenses, and more. Flori Da Don briefly describes in third person how he just wants to share his gift with the world and “Stay Out The Mix”.…


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More Than Just a Rock Song: The Dandelion Dream Brings Back Meaning to Music with “Give More Than You Take”

Saving lives in honor of Burton Sirota’s memory, The Dandelion Dream embraces the sweet, melancholic hues of Rock with an inspiring new release

La Jolla, CA — June 28th, 2022 – A Wire & Wood Recordings LTD act, The Dandelion Dream are reinventing the very spirit of Rock with their mesmerizing new single, “Give More Than You Take”. A single that goes beyond just…


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A Story of Love, Loss, and Healing: Kyle Nicholas Amazes with Moving New Track “Roots”

With inspiration from personal experiences and family roots, Kyle Nicholas delivers a heartfelt Acoustic message for his audiences

Seattle, WA — July 7th, 2022 – Penned down by Kyle Nicholas, “Roots” is a soulful acoustic mix which was dropped for audiences on June 21st, 2022. Produced by Kyle Nicholas and Levi Watson, the poignant and…


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A Memorable Delight for Diverse Audiences: Joanncee’s Songs & New Book Set to Win Hearts

An independent artist with an original plan Joanncee is cultivating a relatable audience with her new track, book & eBook drop. *Aitist Joanncee aka: Author Joann Cervellino

Manchester, NJ — June 19th, 2022 – Having recently dropped her melodious composition, ‘Incense Shades of Time’, Joanncee depicts a seasoned skill set for crafting marvelous…


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Snoonie, Next Up?

Grand Rapids, Michigan — Snoonie uses his voice to bring forth stories that are personal to him. Snoonie has been writing since a child and feels as if God has kept from an early demise to tell his story to the world.

Anyone who has dealt with hardship and pain will understand Snoonie’s complexity. Snoonie make music for the world. Snoonie’s goal is to reach that one person in a way that it changes its life around. With nothing left but faith,…


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Jay Shephard - "Honey"

Jamaal Saunders, professionally known as “Jay Shephard” was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, and was influenced by celebrated artists such as; Bob Marley, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Michael Jackson, and Gentleman. Jay has always sought to mirror his own artistry to the legacy such legends left…


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Young Rob Taps NitroGetLive To Release His Hit Freaky Single "Freakiana" Prod. By Regah

"Freakiana" is the first Young Rob single this year and it's a pure dancefloor banger! An anthem for all the self-proclaimed freaks, "Freakiana" is Young Rob's gift to party aficionados far and wide. It’s a catchy, uptempo

R&B song that projects the London star’s desire for women…


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2JtheRichest Drops New Hit, For the 7ngels

2JtheRichest just dropped his new hit, For the 7ngels. This song is a thank you letter to all his team members and friends, from the various shoutouts throughout the song to the very beat being made right in his house. This song represents the bond between him and his friends/team. A song of loyalty.…


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Music That Encourages Feelings Of Love and Amiability: Singer and Songwriter King Zachary Reaches New Heights With His New Single “As Above”.

With character, creativity, and charisma the eclectic artist’s newest hit single functions to relay the universal message of peace accompanied by soulful musical tunes and deep lyrics.

Miami, FL — June 18th, 2022- King Zachary is a new up-and-coming artist who firmly believes in the unique healing quality of music. For the rising star, music is the one sure way of connecting with a myriad of…


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SVS XI – Taking It All Back

San Francisco, CA — Sf Bay Area’s SVS XI takes you back to a time when solid songs, melody, and musicianship ruled the world. They are here and they want to take it back.

SVS XI (short for Spy vs Spy Eleven*) is a San Francisco Bay Area hard rock band whose artistry and style create a unique blend of music inspired by the diverse influences of its members, long time bay area musicians Jon…


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Rj1.5k - "Mission"

Growing up in the Lower Coast of Algiers. A town in the city of New Orleans. At the age of 7 my father inspired me to rap. One day we was in the kitchen and he was going hard.I'm young I ain't know no better I thought he was talkin to himself until i actually caught on to his voice. He smiled and paused. "Naw  ima let my…

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