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October 2022 Blog Posts (80)

Hypnotizing with a Maximal Classic: Payper Chase’s New Album Booms with a Newfound Spin on Blues, Hip Hop and Rap

‘Conspiracy’ is a mixtape evolved by hit maker DJ hoodrichkeem’ s collaborative hand and showcases the artist’s precise delivery and compelling hooks

Atlanta, Georgia — Payper Chase’s freshly produced record, ‘Conspiracy’ is a mixtape studded with chronicles of the artist’s life. The artist goes on his most crafty record to lay bare his ever-impactful and…


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Unveiling His Own Persuasive Sound and Absorbing Storytelling Flair- Presenting Hip Hop’s Best New Artist Playyboi Pudd

With his iconic label, ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB, ENT., Playyboi Pudd continues to enrapture audiences and presents a distinctive creative energy

Camden, nj — An artist unlike others, Playyboi Pudd got into the music industry with nothing but one motivation- making it big in the boundless world of music and creating his own brand. Today, having dropped a series of thrilling tracks, many of which have amassed 1000s of streams and listens, the…


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Rod212 Continues His 2022 Dominance With Pro-humanity Single, “Social Privilege”

With division and inequality destroying the fabric of society, Rod212 releases the single, “Social Privilege” to build unity and find solutions.

The world has been burning, set on fire by the flames of oppression, racism, and inequality prompting some artists, like Rod212 to take a…


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Chelon Musiq - "God is Worth It"

Chelon Musiq was born and raised in the Hampton roads area of Virginia. She is a single mother of her son, O’mon. Chelon started singing at the age of 5, but it wasn’t until…


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Accentuating Real Issues with Thought-Provoking Lyricism- Multi-Genre Artists ‘The Papers’ Stun with New Single

Titled “No More Rich and Poor,” The Papers’ new record showcases compelling lyricism that spans Reggae, Alternative, and Pop music

EXETER, Devon, United Kingdom — October 30th, 2022 – With the release of their new record, ‘No More Rich and Poor’ on November 14th, 2022, The Papers shed light upon a pertinent societal problem. With…


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Cormega Delivers "Essential" Visual from The Realness II

Legendary lyricist Cormega delivers a heartfelt visual for "Essential" from his album The Realness II, which he co-directed with Kenneth Sousie. Havoc of Mobb Deep laces the production on the song with crisp piano, passionate strings, and a booming bassline, creating a memorable foundation for Cormega's poetic wisdom.

Get The Realness II now… Continue

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Alluring Jamaican Reggae Roots Electronic Music: Suga Roy & The Fireball Crew Release A Hit New Single That Relates With Masses From All Across The World.

“Pretty Lady” is a new spicy and fun single that will make audiences swoon and sway to the mix of interesting and innovative musical mix accompanying creative lyrics.

Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica —October 24th, 2022- Suga Roy & The Fireball Crew is a new up-and-coming band that focuses on creating authentic roots rock reggae with a new EDM twist. These upbeat musical melodies…


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Ronald BB Shavers Releases 1st Project From CTW Productions New Hit Single "Getting Money By The Ocean"

Ronald BB Shavers Releases 1st Project From CTW Productions & S.H.O.P.O Nation (Self Help Obtaining Positive Opportunities) New Hit Single Getting Money By The Ocean Featuring DMV Very Own Kenilworth Katrina, Skinny Active, Ms Chuk, & Superstar Congo Player Musician Gogo Winko Powel & From West Coast, Freeway Ties…


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Invigorating Tunes and Inspiring Lyricism- Joseph Simmons’ New Single Uplifts Listeners with the Feel-Good Holiday Spirit

“Thinking of a Sunny Christmas” is a relatable and enlivening new single by a singer-songwriter who aims to spread the gifts of joy to the world

Tucson, Arizona — October 6th, 2022 – With cheerful rhythms and gripping and riveting songwriting, Joseph Simmons is transforming the World genre. Showcasing his dynamic instrumentation and spirited and emotional lyricism, the artist is sending ripples in the music world with his new single-…


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A Single That Encompasses A Myriad Of Issues In Musical Tunes: DPB Releases A Hit New Song That Is Creating Waves In The Musical Industry.

“GODMODE” is a one-stop musical experience that helps the audience deal with the current social and political state of affairs in a beautifully relatable way.

Winfield, Alabama —October 20th, 2022- DPB is a new up-and-coming Billboard charting artist who continues to produce music that pertains to current events. In doing so, the musician brings a new layer of relevance to music that keeps fans…


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Don Sprik & Freewheelin Releases New Single “Reunion Jam”

Lake city, MI — Playing together again after 40 years, the band’s nostalgic new hit embraces the joy of getting together with friends after time apart.

Don Sprik & Freewheelin is excited to release their new hit “Reunion Jam”.

“If you’ve ever reconnected with an old friend after years apart and picked up right where you left off, I think you’ll find that this song hits home,” Don Sprik says of the new single.

While every song the…


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Thirstin Howl The 3rd Releases Visuals For "The O.G. (Open Grave)" ft. D.V. Alias Khryst

Thirstin Howl The 3rd and his pack of wolves were on location in Harlem, Staten Island, Long Island, Bushwick, and Jersey to shoot his new video "The O.G. (Open Grave)." The single features D.V. Alias Khryst on the hook with production by Zay Skillz. 

“The O.G. (Open Grave) is a term I use to describe the older…


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Visions by Peter L

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada — Peter L, a singer, songwriter and a producer, comes with his new single Visions and his message to kids like him and the world.

This song is more than just a song, it’s also a message to kids like him and the world with his thoughts and things he wants to say.

“I got the vision, I think it’s a mission”

“Just like the lyric says, I think it’s not just for me, it’s also for those people just like me who…


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Kenyon Grey to Release New Song “When Angels Cry” through AOK Records (Nashville) on January 6th, 2023

 “Firefighter Singer/Songwriter gets second chance after walking away from a Nashville music career to raise his children!”

Nashville, Tennessee — October 25, 2022 – At first glance, Kenyon Grey had the all-American dream! A firefighter with a song getting radio airplay nationwide. He was being developed by a management agency on Music Row in Nashville, working with a Grammy Award-winning producer and negotiating an…


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Expressive Instrumentals and Authentic Hip Hop Storytelling- Sean XLG Reinvents Hip Hop with New Album ‘Reign Forest’

With his new record, ‘Reign Forest’ Sean XLG presents a bold, unparalleled, and one-of-a-kind blend of Hip Hop and Instrumental music

Washington, DC, District of ColumbiaOctober 25th, 2022 – Led by soulful vocals and culturally expressive rhythms, Sean XLG’s Hip Hop music is something that audiences will find both close to home and yet oozing with experimental spirit. Motivated by a goal to try…


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WaWally World by WawMart OUT NOW! Avaiable On iTunes And Google Play

ATLANTA, GA — Globally expanding his music career, Atlanta Trap artist WawMart has released his self titled album. ‘Waw*Mart’ is a 17 track album that encopmases everything that WawMart is about. Describing his music as based in emotion, WawMart sets himself apart from others in his genre by avoiding tropes such as violence and aggression.

This self-titled debut draws from the textured world building found on 2017’s…


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Inspiring Peace, Harmony and Love within the Only Race that Matters- The Human Race: Rankinfyle Hopes to Awaken Change

Empowering listeners to embrace change and develop an appreciation for diversity amidst their sisters & brothers, “Human Race” is a timely single

Chicago, IL — October 17th, 2022 – Illuminating the need to love over hate and accept everyone, no matter the color of their skin, Rankinfyle’s new single, “Human Race,” is a memorable track.

The single focuses on the fact that humans have been inhabiting the…


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Mosberg Banga - "16's of Hard"

Mosberg Banga of the Dark Hustlers Society Society releases his 1st solo project on Hilltop Coalition Entertainment after…


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FIFTY VINC - "Jazz Do It"

FIFTY VINC, also known as Vincent Jewell, grew up bilingual in Luedinghausen, Germany. His father is a native of the United States, New Jersey. In his youth, his father was a DJ in various clubs in the United States, spinning hip-hop, funk and RnB music.…

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