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June 2022 Blog Posts (131)

Who Is Zai?

Zai, sometimes called “Chameleon” really lives up to his nickname from studying Electrical Engineering to a career in the music industry. Zai discovered his passion for music while attending TSU, focusing on his studies but also making his dreams come true by performing at local shows and writing for various upcoming…


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A Blend of Pop, World, and African Music: Claver Zyti Creates Musical Magic By Fusing Melodious Tunes With Deep Lyrics

This consortium of Afro-pop music tells Zyti’s stories through his cultural lens which helps provide the audience with an alluring and unique style of music.

Paris, Ile de France- July 8th, 2022- Claver Zyti is an eccentric new artist who has crafted a unique musical space for listeners throughout the world. The…


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Augmenting the Spirit of Gospel Music: Gifted Storyteller Narrata Moves Listeners with New Track

“Demons Leave Me” introduces listeners to a variety of rhythms and styles, inspiring audiences towards inward reflection

Cosmo City, Guateng, South Africa — June 30th, 2022- Through spellbinding Gospel rhythms and vocal energy that charms listeners with powerful notes, Narrata has created a musical presence unlike any in the genre. His inspirational new single, “Demons…


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Music That Stirs The Heart and Enlivens The Mind: Corky Wink Releases A Hit New Single For All Confused Lovers.

“I Miss Your Touch” is a deeply relatable intimate musical masterpiece that simply tells us of a familiar crossroads that each lover encounters.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida — June 13th, 2022- Corky Wink is an inspiring new artist with a taste for music that syncs with some of the afflictions of the heart. The artist is known for his ability to formulate songs that are beautifully designed to…


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Rich Melodic Lines and Sounds Relaying A Heartfelt Message: Djnathann Releases A Hit New Single With A Fascinating Theme.

“Matrix” is an alluring new single which contains a mix of extremely catchy electronic tunes and musical styles that force the audience to dance.

Rhodes, Dodekanise, Greece —  June 28th, 2022- Djnathann is a new up-and-coming artist with a knack for producing singles that provide the audience with an…


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XanDan The Artist, The Entrepreneur, The PR,The All Around Hustler From Baltimore…

XanDan Was Born And Raised In East Baltimore . He Has Always Had A Passion for Music & Entertainment Since He was A kid. His favorite Artists Growing Up Was The Hot Boys,  Dmx , Tupac, Dipset, JadaKiss & More. But Growing Up In Baltimore City Wasn’t A Cake Walk.…


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3isthemagic - "Space Dreams"

Dallas artist 3isthemagic announces the much anticipated official music video for ‘The Moon’ which was released on the Project: ‘Space Dreams’.

The vision for the new music video came from the lyrics of the song. “You either die by they plans or use it fuel… Fuel to the Moon, I’m on…


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Vaughn Davis’s New Album ‘Wisdom Is Rich’ will reach Classic Status

The last time Vaughn Davis graced us with a full length project was January 31st 2018. In an age of transitory attention-spans 4 years can be viewed as a risky hiatus for a relatively fresh face to the music scene. However, with his third album Wisdom Is Rich Vaughn completely erases any assumptions of losing a step by kicking down the door, while asserting… Continue

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[Coming Soon] ABK Gatez new EP 'Authentic'

Nashville artist ABK Gatez is gearing up for the release of his upcoming EP 'Authentic'. Dropping everywhere July 9th 2022.

Stay Connected @1Abkgatez @xxl…


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Mitch Shaffer - "Upon Further Caffeination"

Mitch Shaffer is a 25 year-old male who will not be quitting his day job any time soon.

"Upon Further Caffeination" is…


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A Self-Made Recording Artist with Mesmerizing Stories to Tell: LollyPop Unveils Catchy Dance, Electro-Pop Blends

Through her latest album, “20/20”, LollyPop captures a range of emotions, genres, and stories, embracing her own unique musical style

Middle Georgia, Georgia — June 19th, 2022 – LollyPop is an independent artist who is curating enriching Dance, Pop, R&B, and Electronic musical compositions. Lollypop’s career originally started with gigs in indie modeling, independent recording, filming, writing, and marketing.…


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Brooklyn, NY — THISMINORITY shares creations in order to put you in YOUR PLACE…

This PLACE is one of SELF LOVE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Took him a long time to find the love that is the foundation and explanation for why he creates what he creates.

The reason This Minority’s face is hidden is not because of fear— it’s to show change, the metamorphosis out of the…


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Rapper MYDNITE debuted with a bang, all from his phone

“If they don’t like me, oh well,” M¥dN!t£ rapped with clear bravado on his title track.

Chicago-based rapper M¥dN!t£ (pronounced Midnight), real name Mike Miller, recently released his self-titled album on streaming platforms worldwide. While on the outside M¥dN!t£’s first release seems like any other rap debut, what makes M¥dN!t£…


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Let Change the World "Keep on" by Sabi Pitt

In this day and age, we can use positivity in our lives, Sabi Pitt is here to deliver a message of encouragement and love. Get ready for the new version of we are the…


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Flori Da Don "Stay Out The Mix" Video

Flori Da Don releases "Stay Out The Mix", which is a detailed message of how street life is no joke. "Stay Out The Mix" is another way if saying, "stay out of the streets", if you are not prepared to deal with its harsh realities, such as betrayal from loved ones, long jail sentences for drug crime offenses, and more. Flori Da Don briefly describes in third person how he just wants to share his gift with the world and “Stay Out The Mix”.…


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Ready For A Breath Of Fresh Air?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada — Tired of frantic noise masquerading as music, the kind that assaults your senses, leaves you anxious and put you on edge?

Chill out to a new vibe, one that centers and grounds you, while taking you to a higher frequency!

If you prefer smooth adult contemporary music, to the frenzied head banging grunge of mosh pit of cultural suicided, then look no further than “Ouroboros”

Keith Stewart’s new release of seven…


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More Than Just a Rock Song: The Dandelion Dream Brings Back Meaning to Music with “Give More Than You Take”

Saving lives in honor of Burton Sirota’s memory, The Dandelion Dream embraces the sweet, melancholic hues of Rock with an inspiring new release

La Jolla, CA — June 28th, 2022 – A Wire & Wood Recordings LTD act, The Dandelion Dream are reinventing the very spirit of Rock with their mesmerizing new single, “Give More Than You Take”. A single that goes beyond just…


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Keeping Pop Profound, Simple, and Spectacular: Hendryck Empole Arouses with Poignant New Release “Heartbreak”

With a goal of just making real, honest, and moving musical compositions, Hendryck Empole is sending ripples in the music world

Bronx, NY — July 7th, 2022 – With his expressive and tender new track “HEARTBREAK” which dropped on May 20th, 2022, Hendryck Empole introduces listeners to a piece of his mind. Having independently written the single…


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A Story of Love, Loss, and Healing: Kyle Nicholas Amazes with Moving New Track “Roots”

With inspiration from personal experiences and family roots, Kyle Nicholas delivers a heartfelt Acoustic message for his audiences

Seattle, WA — July 7th, 2022 – Penned down by Kyle Nicholas, “Roots” is a soulful acoustic mix which was dropped for audiences on June 21st, 2022. Produced by Kyle Nicholas and Levi Watson, the poignant and…


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Blending Southern Hip Hop and East Coast Rap: T-DUBB Drops New Single

Narrating detailed stories with electrifying beats and fresh rhythms, T-DUBB reinvents Hip Hop with a unique style

Newport News, Virginia — June 20th, 2022- With the release of his invigorating new track, “Cocky”, Hip Hop and Rap artist T-Dubb and Lightz Out Entertainment are introducing the world to a gripping new style of Rap. A prolific singer-songwriter, T-Dubb…


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