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Trillontop's Blog – June 2022 Archive (32)

XanDan The Artist, The Entrepreneur, The PR,The All Around Hustler From Baltimore…

XanDan Was Born And Raised In East Baltimore . He Has Always Had A Passion for Music & Entertainment Since He was A kid. His favorite Artists Growing Up Was The Hot Boys,  Dmx , Tupac, Dipset, JadaKiss & More. But Growing Up In Baltimore City Wasn’t A Cake Walk.…


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3isthemagic - "Space Dreams"

Dallas artist 3isthemagic announces the much anticipated official music video for ‘The Moon’ which was released on the Project: ‘Space Dreams’.

The vision for the new music video came from the lyrics of the song. “You either die by they plans or use it fuel… Fuel to the Moon, I’m on…


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Mitch Shaffer - "Upon Further Caffeination"

Mitch Shaffer is a 25 year-old male who will not be quitting his day job any time soon.

"Upon Further Caffeination" is…


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Rapper MYDNITE debuted with a bang, all from his phone

“If they don’t like me, oh well,” M¥dN!t£ rapped with clear bravado on his title track.

Chicago-based rapper M¥dN!t£ (pronounced Midnight), real name Mike Miller, recently released his self-titled album on streaming platforms worldwide. While on the outside M¥dN!t£’s first release seems like any other rap debut, what makes M¥dN!t£…


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Jay Shephard - "Honey"

Jamaal Saunders, professionally known as “Jay Shephard” was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, and was influenced by celebrated artists such as; Bob Marley, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Michael Jackson, and Gentleman. Jay has always sought to mirror his own artistry to the legacy such legends left…


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Rj1.5k - "Mission"

Growing up in the Lower Coast of Algiers. A town in the city of New Orleans. At the age of 7 my father inspired me to rap. One day we was in the kitchen and he was going hard.I'm young I ain't know no better I thought he was talkin to himself until i actually caught on to his voice. He smiled and paused. "Naw  ima let my…

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Yung Bookie Da Name - "HoneySuckle"


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DeeRokkk - "Love Ait Loyal"

Rising artist DeeRokkk just released a hot new EP titled "Love Ait Loyal". Check it out below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.…


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Jungle Squeeze To Drop New Mixtape

Jungle squeeze began traveling at

the age of 17 in and out of the country, hunting for

ways to become…


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Ace Geo - "Addiction"

Tri-state native Ace Geo is the voice and artist behind the music that has featured in over 1,000 television shows, movies and video games from Ravens Home on Disney to Stomp the Yard and Orange are the New Black Geo has been able to recreate himself throughout the time with a decade long track record. His latest single…


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Bucky Luger - "Predator"

Rising artist Bucky Luger just dropped a hot new EP titled "Predator". Check it out…


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Dez Nado - "Flawda Ish" ft. J Chat

After earning radio airplay on several stations throughout the southeast U.S. all the way out to Cali, crossing a quarter-million mixtape plays with global music syndicate Mixtape Monopoly, charting and trending for multiple weeks on, CICANA Urban…


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Frida Maria & Charlie Atom Releases New Hit Single “Moments”


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Sparky Flinstone Drops New Single “Freak Key”

Sparky Flinstone is a reformed simp and current leader of the LBYF movement. His ex-girl said he had no power and nicknamed him M&M (Minute Man) Peenut. M&M thought life was over until he met Einstein. Einstein put M&M on when he invented the Freak Key. This key would change M&M’s life and help him find a good wife.



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Introducing Upcoming Artist ImJustHugo

My name is Hugo Bozo. I am not the best rapper on earth. In my free time I like to fuck on somebody's bich. I hit the stu n shit too. I am thinking of putting together my tour. I…


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Is Gotti Mirano Drakes new inspiration?

Was GOTTI MIRANO the inspiration behind the new sound Drake has after OVO SOUND was recently one of the labels with high interest in the Garland Tx/ New Mexico artist? Drake could be locking in creatives in the Texas/Mexico lane now.



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Meet Rising Artist Towhid

Towhid Jewell, goes by the stage name of “Towhid” who is a rising recording artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and performer. Flaunting endless energy, rapid flows, and massive harmonies, it’s safe to say he personifies all the traits of a global R&B star!

Towhid was born in…


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Could Yummy Lee be on a future XXL freshman class list?

Rising artist Yummy Lee also known as Michaela Lee Bryant is female song writer / rapper based in Hillsboro, TX. The talented artist started out modeling when she was younger, but grew into the love of music. Yummy Lee has been working on multiple songs in 2022 that she plans to record sometime this year. A release date has yet to be announced, but…


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Da Kashmere - "Alert" (I'm Illy)

Rising artist Da Kashmere just released a hot new single titled "Alert" (I'm…


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Montana of 300 Announces 2022 Rap God Tour

Montana of 300 has announced he will be hitting the road for his 2022 Rap God Tour. Check out the full list of dates below.

The tour announcement follows the release of his highly anticipated solo album “Rap God” released on January 6, 2022. The album soared up to number 1 on the iTunes chart shortly after its release.

Montana of…


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