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Could Yummy Lee be on a future XXL freshman class list?

Rising artist Yummy Lee also known as Michaela Lee Bryant is female song writer / rapper based in Hillsboro, TX. The talented artist started out modeling when she was younger, but grew into the love of music. Yummy Lee has been working on multiple songs in 2022 that she plans to record sometime this year. A release date has yet to be announced, but new music is expected soon.

In Yummy Lee's first single, she talks about her upcoming/lifestyle and about being a high school drop out. She also references how she was a felon at only 17 and how she got to this point in her life after all the challenges she's faced. Yummy Lee says, "It doesnt matter how you start it matters how you finish. Anybody can overcome tribulations".

Look out for her upcoming hip hop release that will be available on all platforms. From the looks, to the voice, she is certainly able to compete with the top female rappers. With the trendy beats she uses, her music is todays style and she is the voice of the future.


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