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December 2009 Blog Posts (13)

TI's Home 4 Xmas Deal and What it Means for Hip Hop (Editorial)

In a year where everyone from Super Bowl winning pro athletes to a slew of rappers are being served jail time for crimes that normally land probation, ATL's "King of the South" is reportedly out of federal prison and serving the remainder of his sentence in a halfway house. I'm sure this will fuel speculation by "the streets" that something is fuzzy about the case but in any event its good to see another rapper home to spend time with his… Continue

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History of Fat Beats (Video)

Brief history of Fat Beats. Do the knowledge. There are large number of hip hop fans that don't know about the institutions that kept real hip hop alive through the years and launched the careers of many hip-hop stars… Continue

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Hip Hop Confessions Starring Skillz

Skillz presents: Hip-Hop Confessions ep. 3 -- The Richmond, VA Chronicles from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

Very enjoyable video series by your favorite rappers' go-to-Ghostwriter , Skillz from VA. One of the series we're considering carrying on our episodes so if you think its worthy show love in comments… Continue

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New Music: Return of Real Black Radio,Vol. 6 Hosted & Mixed By DJ Fusion (Download Link)

Very solid lineup of artists, even an appearance by the God Rakim, Ed O.G., and The Pharcyde to balance out new artists and who's got next on the mainstream in the form of B.O.B. and Wale.

Tracklisting and download links below:


1. Ed O.G. & Da Bulldoggs - Dedicated to the Right Wingers

2. Rakim - Put It All To Music

3. DOOM - Sniper Elite

4. DJ Vadim feat. Juice Lee & Rjay - That… Continue

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VA Unites Its Best with Who's Got Next with VA or Die Album (Download Inside)

VA's struggle to establish and maintain respect in the hip hop game is finally coming to light. The importance thing is VA is not chasing another city's sound or hopping on the bandwagon of other trends, they are going and grabbing the hottest independent artists and mashing it up with the state's established superstar for the new project "VA or Die" released by DJ Precise of Mic Fiend Music.

Hosted by Sean Archer, host of The Indie… Continue

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Movie Centered About Breaking Premieres: B-Girl Movie Trailer

B-Girl movie has been screened in Atlanta, NYC, and London and has even sold over 12,000 DVDs

in UK. I'll have to admit that Save the Last Dance ruined every dance movie for me for a lifetime and thought in the first 20 seconds of this trailer that it would be a repeat. I came to my senses when I realized that corporate thievery of hip hop has all but phased out the b-boy culture and breakdancing as an artform so the film must be supported.

There's great… Continue

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Kidz In the Hall and L-R-G Present: "FreEP"

This Holiday Season Kidz In The Hall are treating their fans to an early gift in the form of a free album entitled The Professional Leisure Tour presented by L-R-G. The 13 track freEP features all original music from the group which was mostly recorded last month on the road during Kidz In The Hall's National US Tour.

The Professional Leisure Tour is a prelude to Kidz In The Hall's next studio album, Land Of Make Believe, currently… Continue

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IPTV Updates: Video Adds/Interviews/New Episodes of IPTV!

Indie Planet TV is on a mission to upgrade what we do and how we serve it to our viewers.

Check the IPTV Videozone to view new videos from Lone Catalysts, Cmon Son, Bisco Smith, D Cinn, Fly Gypsy, E-Major, and many, many more.

Why The VideoZone Benefits You As An Artist

The VideoZone is important for indie artists because it allows YOU to have the power to make it to our playlist without being affiliated with a label. The majors and indie labels have slots… Continue

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Ed Lover: C'MON SON Episode 8

Added by Mumbo Sauce on December 7, 2009 at 7:00am — 2 Comments

Termanology Interview (Channel 23 Boston, Mass)

Beantown's own Termanology appears on a local cable access… Continue

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Announcement: Ed Lover's C'MON SON Added to Indie Planet Lineup

Indie Planet will be syndicating NYC radio personality/hip-hop icon's Ed Lover's popular video blog C'MON SON on the homepage. Indie Planet viewers will now have the ability to watch C'MON SON directly from Indie Planet while checking out the latest hip-hop news and IPTV VideoZone.


Inspired by New York MC Mysonne, Ed Lover produces a regularly appearing video blog commenting on news and notes from his… Continue

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Fly Gypsy Releases Change For A Dollar EP (IPTV In Stores Now)

The DC based duo known as Fly Gypsy has a new release available at all major online

retailers known as Change For A Dollar. Driven by the infectious single "You" featuring Tattiana Aqeel-de Oliveira, the EP is sure to keep hardcore fans satisfied while introducing the group to a

new fanbase based on the melody of the single.

Fly Gypsy "You" IPTV… Continue

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Souls of Mischief Return with Montezuma's Revenge (In Stores Now!)

A-Plus, Opio, Tajai, and Phesto hit the lab from beginning to ending just like hip hop used to be done in the release of the new LP Montezuma's Revenge. Adding legendary producer Prince Paul to the mix made the project come out that much better. We rented a house" explains Opio. "Prince Paul came out, we had no distractions, we just did music every day. " "It was cool" adds Tajai. "He had concepts, and its good to have an outside perspective -… Continue

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