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Uplifting, Encouraging Healing, Laughter, Dance, and Self Love- Atavia GoldStar Inspires Positivity with New Music

Not a singer but someone who is driving meaningful change with her fascinating penchant for storytelling, Atavia GoldStar illuminates her lived experiences

Shorewood, WI —June 27th, 2023 – Atavia GoldStar is the unique face behind ATAVIA GOLDSTAR LLC- someone who is not just a singer, but also a storyteller. Atavia’s long-standing mission is to positively impact her listeners, providing them with stories and messages that resonate with their own journeys.

Dedicated to serving mental health and trauma-related victims and survivors, Atavia GoldStar has created a platform that transcends traditional music boundaries. Her YouTube page, “Bookme Atavia GoldStar,” is a hub for her listeners and audience to connect with her directly, where she shares updates, future plans, shows, and valuable information.

Currently, she is making waves with her groundbreaking album, “A LIVED EXPERIENCE COMPANY (ALBUM 1),” Atavia GoldStar takes her listeners on a transformative musical journey.

Having released in June 2023, this mesmerizing album showcases the artist’s desire towards uplifting and inspiring healing, recovery, and desired change. Each track is a testament to the power of positivity, encouraging her audience to pursue their passions and dreams while embracing self-care, self-love, and the joy of laughter and dance.

Released in June 2023, ‘A LIVED EXPERIENCE COMPANY’ underscores the artistic vision and inimitable ability to touch hearts and minds which Atavia harbors. The seasoned artist firmly believes in herself and her dreams, and she extends that belief to her audience and listeners through her music.

Experience the beauty of positivity and immerse yourself in the transformative power of Atavia GoldStar’s new album by buying, downloading, or streaming her new tracks! Follow the artist on social media and subscribe to Bookme AtaviaGoldStar on YouTube for future updates, Music Executive Representation, Management Representation, interviews, bookings, gigs, and collaborations.



Atavia Goldstar, a Professional Certified Life Coach and Peer to Peer Support, has emerged as a beacon of inspiration for others. Having faced a traumatic childhood and an ongoing struggle through adulthood, Atavia’s personal experiences have shaped her into a resilient individual with a creative imagination that knows no bounds. Driven by a passion for empowering youth and building their self-esteem, Atavia founded a Girls Self Esteem Program from 1999 to 2001. In addition, she pursued her interest in acting by taking training classes in Minnesota during the same period.

The artist’s move to Wisconsin in 2009 marked a significant milestone in her journey as she embarked on creating “THE ATAVIA SHOW.” This innovative concept was pitched to production companies and local television broadcast networks in Wisconsin and Minnesota, incorporating the participation of children and volunteers. In 2019, Atavia showcased her talents as she produced her own show at a local theater in Wisconsin, following the footsteps of renowned artist Tyler Perry. Inspired by Perry’s journey, Atavia aimed to make a lasting impact through music, sharing her stories and lived experiences with the world. As she sets her sights on a national and global stage, Atavia envisions a brighter future filled with more music, stage production shows, and opportunities to touch lives on a grand scale.


Name: Atavia GoldStar
Phone: 1 800 930-3270


Instagram: http://ataviagoldstarpositivity
Twitter: http://ataviagoldstar@ATAVIA777
Spotify: https://ataviagoldstarspotify

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