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Alley Catt Returns with a New Single Dark Shadow

Dartmouth, NS, Canada — Alley Catt is Thrilled to announce  the release of the new single Dark Shadow from the sophomore release : Alley Catt – A Diamond in the Rough – set to drop in August 2023 …All the Swagger of a young Motley Crue with the grind of old school Slayer all rolled into one musician check it out

If you haven’t heard Alley Catt has a new single out every Punk/Glam/Sleaze Metal Fan should check it out Available now on every major music Platform

here’s what @promotershakil said :

What a lovely, rich, luscious voice. I’m so much in love with the tone of your voice. It’s so beautiful.

All of the music/lyrics  was written/recorded/mixed and mastered by David Jennings the sole member of Alley Catt 

From the gutter of Halifax to Worldwide exposure  the hard work and never giving up finally paid off garnishing the attention of a Hollywood PR company

You definitely have to check this out bring the diamond to the light and watch it shine Alley Catt #1 & only Halifax Sleaze Metal outfit .




From the gutter of Halifax … to 26.7 K streams on Spotify Alley Catt ‘s debut E.P. charted well for an independent Sleaze Metal one man band Now the Glamour Punk returns with a new single Dark Shadow and a new album set to drop this summer : Alley Catt a Diamond in the Rough will be the second release All the Swagger of A young Motley Crue with the grind of old  school Slayer rolled into one musician David Jennings is Alley Catt


Alley Catt
Name: David Jennings
Address: 48 Elmwood Ave, Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Phone: 9022934334
Press Kit:


Google Music:

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