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Prolific Artist Hotep, a Groundbreaking and Formidable Force in Hip Hop, Drops New Record ‘Godfather of Hip Hop’

An artist who strives to redefine and reshape the music world, Antonio McCloud hopes to move and captivate audiences with his stunning craft

Winston-Salem, North Carolina —June 25th, 2023 – A dynamic singer-songwriter who remains fueled by a passion to excite and inspire audiences, Hotep is solidifying his presence in the realm of hip-hop. Named Antonio McCloud at birth, the artist took onto the identity of Hotep and invokes a riveting, creative, and electric style which shines through each record.

With his brilliant new record, “Godfather of Hip-Hop,” the talented artist presents a musical  blend that displays his testament to staying true to his craft. With a driven mindset and a passion to present an unadulterated, honest, and raw picture of Hip Hop, the seasoned artist continues to make strides in the music world.

Having released for listeners in June 2022, Hotep’s newest album takes listeners through a whirlwind of emotions. “Godfather of Hip Hop” is an album which encompasses listeners with a distinct nostalgia that is reminiscent of the glory days of the 90s.

“Godfather of Hip-Hop” delivers an ethereal blend of rhythms and tunes that are representative of the breadth which Hotep brings with his talent. Encapsulating the essence of a time where art forms were a channel of flair, thought-provoking conversations, and unique soundscapes, the new album is his best work yet.

Inviting listeners to join him as he embarks on a truly nostalgic journey, Hotep attempts to rekindling a love for the golden age of hip-hop. However, what distinguishes Hotep from other like-minded contemporaries is his effortless skills in molding together elements of hip-hop and R&B, which together bring to light a genre-defying sonic landscape.

Propelling him to new heights, tracks such as “Pimp Life,” “Club Hoppin’,” “Torn by jealousy,” and “Babylon is falled,” paint the picture of an immersive story- complete with introspective lyricism and bold, unfiltered stories.

Stream Hotep’s new album and follow the artist’s musical journey to keep track of new and upcoming music releases!



Antonio McCloud, known by his artistic identity Hotep, is a singer-songwriter and military veteran. Hotep holds not only a bachelor’s degree in political science but also a master’s degree in business administration, bringing a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to his artistry.

With over two decades of rapping experience and an additional 28 years as a ghostwriter for other artists, Hotep’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities are unparalleled. Hotep harbors dreams of achieving platinum-selling success and establishing his own record label, Tefnut Records.

Hotep’s new album presents his desire to connect with listeners on a profound level, based on his vision of viewing hip-hop as a cultural movement that transcends mere entertainment. By infusing his lyrics with introspective lyricism and wisdom, Hotep aspires to create a lasting impact, both artistically and culturally. Beyond his musical endeavors, the artist’s journey is centered around making a difference and using his talents for the greater good.


Name: Antonio McCloud
Address: 2935 Stockton St, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Phone: 3366553683



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