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Bidding a Somber Adios to the City of Angels with New Single & Music Video – Mel Stirling Unveils ‘Pain and Warring’

Australian Rock sensation, Mel Stirling marks a resurgent return to her ‘Standing to Fall’ EP with the release of 4th single and music video- \’Pain and Warring\’

Las Vegas, Nevada —Mel Stirling, armed with a captivating rock voice and a classic and nostalgic Rock style, steps into the limelight with her latest self-produced music video, ‘Pain and Warring.’ Released on YouTube on January 3, 2024,  this visual masterpiece serves as a melancholy and moving farewell to the City of Angels, capturing the essence of the song’s mellow, moving, and romantic undertones.

The music video, co-produced, directed, and edited by Christian Stirling, boasts an impressive feat, amassing over 16,000 views within just 24 hours of its release. Shot on an iPhone 14 Pro against the backdrop of Downtown Los Angeles, the video encapsulates a raw, point-of-view journey as Mel Stirling navigates the highs and lows of a farewell march through the urban landscape.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind ‘Pain and Warring,’ Mel Stirling shares, “The song is about realizing hard decisions and taking action to implement positive change in your life while the music video is my visual love letter and farewell to Los Angeles.”

While ‘Pain and Warring’ serves as a musical adieu to Los Angeles, Mel Stirling’s journey in the music industry is gaining momentum. Though she may be a recent solo act, Stirling is no stranger to the alternative music scene. Having performed in various bands, she has shared the stage with iconic Australian acts such as The Radiators, Killing Heidi, Grinspoon, and The Butterfly Effect.

Her solo debut, the ‘Standing to Fall’ EP, resonates with a powerful blend of rock influences, showcasing Stirling’s ability to infuse a melancholia with her pensive rhythms and irresistibly catchy melodies. Recorded and mastered at Alchemix Studios in Brisbane’s West End, Australia, the stunning EP is available on all major digital platforms and streaming services.

Stream the music video for “Pain and Warring” as well as the artist’s ‘Standing to Fall’ EP on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, and other official music streaming platforms! Follow her on social media for the latest updates, and dive into the raw emotion of ‘Pain and Warring’ on YouTube or your preferred streaming platform. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out through the artist’s email.



In the vibrant city lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, emerges a formidable force in the rock scene— Mel Stirling. A talented Australian-born artist, now based in Las Vegas, Mel has only recently unveiled the poignant music video, ‘Pain and Warring,’ which will form the fourth single from the ‘Standing to Fall’ EP released in 2019. As Mel Stirling continues to make waves in the music industry, her striking voice and evocative style promise a musical journey that resonates with audiences seeking authenticity and depth in the realm of rock.


Mel Stirling
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