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Emotional, Authentic, and Ethereal Storytelling From Montreal’s Alt-Pop Sensation- Lauria Unveils New Album “MOON”

Immerse yourself in Lauria’s raw narration and introspective lyrics as she takes listeners on a personal journey through her most ambitious release

Montréal, Québec, Canada —Lauria, the rising star in Montreal’s music scene, introduces her latest artistic endeavor- “MOON” – an emotionally charged album released on November 27th, 2023. With a distinctive alt-pop sound characterized by a rich emotional appeal, Lauria invites listeners to join her on a personal journey through soulful and authentic storytelling.

In this latest release, Lauria explores themes of healing, resilience, and self-discovery. “MOON” which was recorded at Studios Piccolo in Montreal during 2022, brings together Lauria’s raw, introspective lyrics with captivating instrumentals.

Collaborating with Dominique Messier, owner of the studio and Céline Dion’s drummer, Lauria crafted each song to offer a distinctive and beautiful final result. The artist’s stirring new album marks a significant chapter in her musical career, blending diverse influences to create a sound that defies categorization.

The album’s genesis lies in Lauria’s personal struggles, serving as a musical outlet to express her frustrations, anger, and sadness. The collection of eight songs weaves a cohesive narrative, reflecting different points in Lauria’s timeline and culminating in a healing journey.

Lauria’s alt-pop sound is a fusion of electric guitar, bass, drums, and piano, resonating with influences ranging from Two Feet and Evanescence to Black Pumas and Alicia Keys. Her unique blend of indie, contemporary pop, and neo-soul sets her apart in the music landscape.

Beyond her solo work, Lauria has collaborated with Bronx-native artist J.Sol on two tracks, adding an additional layer of emotional depth to the project. The resulting album is a testament to Lauria’s dedication to using heavy energy to create something beautiful, resonating with those navigating through dark times.

With a promising future ahead, Lauria continues to make waves in the music world, leaving her unique mark on all who have the privilege of listening to her heartfelt compositions.

Stream and explore Lauria’s album on Spotify, where each track invites you to connect with the emotional depth and authenticity embedded in her lyrics! Lauria’s goal is to reach a wider audience, creating a meaningful connection with her listeners. The artist also welcomes collaborations, reviews, and interviews.



Hailing from Montreal, Lauria’s musical journey began in 2018, but her roots in music trace back to childhood, where she discovered the therapeutic power of songwriting. As a songwriter, Lauria delves into her multicultural background, drawing from her Haitian and Guadeloupean heritage. Her diverse influences, spanning Destiny’s Child, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko, and Stromae, contribute to the eclectic nature of her music.

Among her notable achievements, Lauria had the privilege of performing for the renowned fashion giant SHEIN during their fashion week events in Paris in October 2019. This experience further solidified her presence in the industry and her ability to captivate diverse audiences.

However, the true zenith of Lauria’s career thus far was a show-stopping performance in Montreal in 2022. With an electrifying stage presence and a powerful connection to her audience, she left a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to witness her live.


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