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The Prophet Obblonge Reports As A Hostile Witness

Universal City, Texas — Erupting with preaching performances, The Prophet Obblonge explains, proclaims, transmutes, and delivers clarity to the masses for their edification and to bring awareness to the still uncertain fate of his beloved fiancé, last seen with a white supremacist narcissistic abuser in Michigan.

Fans of horror fiction, true life drama, comedy, and pointed social commentary alike find Obblonge’s insightful, exasperated gospel to be an invigorating, motivating experience presented without fear of reproach or regret.

What’s your problem? Issues resolved. Crises averted. Wonders explained. Be amazed. Lost? Depressed? Questions? The answers are waiting….

Everything is the repetition offa pattern. Everything. You can pretend you have free will. You can pretend you have a soul, or even consciousness. And then you can open the envelope I gave you and read what I said you were gonna pretend. Toldja.

Five albums released by Obblonge Box and more. Tap the three words into any search engine and uncover varied works in many mediums.

One cannot be shielded from the truth. Official artist channel: YouTube@TheProphetObblonge




The only son of an exorcist in training and a lifelong Air Force Chaplain and an agoraphobic paranoid schizophrenic and father of and fiancé of descendants of a woman burned at The Salem Witch Trials, these messages are borne from the heart of one well qualified to deliver them.


The Prophet Obblonge
Name: The Prophet Obblonge



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