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An Unwavering Artist with a Powerful Impact – It’s Loyalty Delivers Unique Hip Hop Record ‘Don’t Look Back’

An emerging talent that demands to be heard; It’s Loyalty is becoming a true force to be reckoned with

Atlanta, GA —September 8th, 2023 –It’s Loyalty is an inspiring singer-songwriter whose journey in music began during high school, experimenting with recording over cassette tapes. However, it wasn’t until a 3-year prison sentence that he truly embraced his calling.

Despite life’s many adversities, It’s Loyalty’s passion for hip-hop grew stronger, and in 2017 the artist decided to record more seriously, channeling his experiences and emotions. With his relatable and reverberating tracks such as “Don’t Look Back,” the artist creates music which resonates with the struggles and triumphs of the average person – the challenges of family life, paying bills and the grit needed to overcome obstacles.

An authentic artist of the genre, It’s Loyalty’s music is a testament to the fact that hip-hop is a diverse genre that can speak to a broad audience, shedding the mainstream mold that is ever-present in the industry.

Inspiring children and proving that no matter what obstacles life throws your way, self-belief and perseverance takes you to your dreams, It’s Loyalty’s music echoes icons such as Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, and T.I., as well as personal friends and fellow artists like Kay Montana, Kota Moss, and MD.

These influences have shaped his unique sound, blending elements of classic hip-hop with modern beats and compelling storytelling. As for the future, It’s Loyalty has ambitious plans. The diligent artist has aims of dropping an EP before the year’s end and complementing his music with 3-4 music videos that visualize his vivid lyricism.

Check It’s Loyalty’s new music on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube and stream “Don’t Look Back’ to lose yourself in the artist’s brilliant mind! For inquiries, interviews, or collaborations, contact him via email at Stay updated on his journey by following It’s Loyalty on Instagram (itsloyaltyndl), Facebook (Its Loyalty NDL),



It’s Loyalty, also recognized as NDL ENT (Never Doubt Loyalty ENT), transcends the realm of a conventional hip-hop artist. A multi-talented artist whose devotion to music is unparalleled in the industry, It’s Loyalty holds a deep-seated desire to articulate the everyday struggles and triumphs, providing a breath of fresh air amidst the mainstream offerings.

Drawing inspiration from iconic figures in the hip-hop sphere such as Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, and T.I., and from personal connections within the music scene, It’s Loyalty has meticulously crafted a distinctive sonic identity. This unique musical signature harmoniously melds traditional hip-hop elements with contemporary beats while delivering captivating narratives.

With ambitious plans that include the release of a brand-new EP, the release of multiple music videos, and the debut of the Never Doubt Loyalty brand, It’s Loyalty is set to leave an impactful mark in the Hip Hop arena. With resolute self-confidence and a distinct and unique musical style, It’s Loyalty is changing the dynamic world of hip-hop.


It’s Loyalty / NDL ENT or Never Doubt Loyalty ENT
Name: It’s Loyalty



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