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Dnycest.100. Is A Upcoming Rapper, A Music Producer, And Music Label Owner.

atlanta, Georgia — Releasing his first single Gone In My Zone which he produced. Dnycest100 became the most talked about the most influential rapper and music producer to ever come from Cleveland Ohio.  With a new style that sounds different from many others throughout the hip-hop community, he immediately began to get noticed. His music production and his well to success led him to more exposure in the music industry and achieve a loyal fan base that is always looking for more material and new products from him and his music label while providing the industry with a well-known hardworking prominent rapper music producer and label that is still expanding and still growing.

Motivating people to become whatever they want to succeed—having the music producer be the main artist and the label owner experience matters. While overcoming hardships people that doubt his credibility to succeed. Dnycest100 showed a lot of people what to keep striving and stay focused on pursuing their dreams and accomplishing their goals  After listening to his hit single Gone In My Zone it was immediately noted his fans believe in him and his work while bringing in a new sound of rap-hip-hop he’s paving the way for others to do the same.

I always say you create the life you want to live as our destiny lies inside of us. Right after finding out who we are individually, we know what to look for that may harm or hinder our growth and learn every day how to strengthen our mind body, and soul. Just by staying focused.

Gone in My Zone has become the most talked about song ever to be released by a independent music label solo artist in the state of Ohio city of Cleveland in over 20 years

Dnycest100 is a clear definition of a hustler a go-getter that refuses to let anyone kill his drive. with the love for others who may have gone through what he has gone through Gone in My Zone has become the leading way to open doors for others to show and express who they are through their creativity and their music He is definitely an artist the streets and the hip hop community are looking for.

I am always excited to be part of a world full of curiosity. If you are reading this you may be curious about how to contact me or how can you become part of such a growing opportunity to inspire the world by supporting Dnycest100 and his music label  Here are the links.


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Triple R Entertainment is a music production label that has rapidly excelled in the music industry with new artists’ music always being released. Triple R Entertainment Ohio only releases music that people can relate to. It was established to help people accomplish their goals and follow their dream of producing music that’s drags and keeps people wanting more. No, following your mainstream media glorify killing sex money drugs, or violence instead of just basic music that’s shoved down our throats for everyday listening to Dnycest100 Gone In My Zone Music From kingzM3N and many more artist and soon to come. Triple R Entertainment brings the streets to the club on all mutual vibes and interest


Dnycest100/ Triple R Entertainment Ohio LLC
Name: dionte arzenio johnson
Address: 1125 dolphin drive sw apt 11, apt11, atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 4707951057
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