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Jeffery D Brower’s Captivating Melody Culminates Powerful Anthem “The Holy Ghost 2.0”

Pinehurst, North Carolina — Rising artist Jeffery D. Brower is set to make waves in the music industry with the release of his much-anticipated single, “The Holy Ghost 2.0” This track marks not only a musical milestone but a profound personal triumph for Jeffery, as it symbolizes his victorious battle against tests, trials, hardships and the discovery of his true purpose in life which was to be beacon of hope for every soul that he comes in contact with. Through being a beacon of hope, he ministers to those souls by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this song.

Drawing from his own life’s story, Jeffery’s “The Holy Ghost 2.0” is an energetic and uplifting slow groove Gospel/Soul anthem that resonates with anyone who has fought the demons that many of us have. The song’s infectious beat creates an engaging canvas for Jeffery’s empowering message. By sharing why, the world needs the Spirit of God in their lives, he strives to share the message that we can only do this with the help of The Holy Ghost in order to break free from the clutches of a sinful nature. Jeffery aims to inspire listeners to embark on their own quests to coming into a deeper fellowship and relationship with Jesus Christ and to enjoy a life of fulfillment.

“The Holy Ghost 2.0” is a testament to Jeffery’s commitment to using music as a platform for positive change to win souls. The song’s slow tempo and invigorating melody mirror his journey’s ups and downs, while the absence of explicit content underscores its universal appeal. The lyrics, crafted with heartfelt precision, carry an essence of abundance, truth, and love. The song’s closing message acts as a guiding light, urging every listener to embark on a journey of finding Christ and allowing him to fill us with his Holy Spirit.

Jeffery’s story is one of transformation. Battling his own struggles with addictions, sin, low self-esteem, self-worth and peace, he found solace in the embrace of turning his life over to God and following him completely. However, “The Holy Ghost 2.0” is a reflection of how many innocent souls are living in darkness but are guided on how to live in the marvelous light. “Through ‘The Holy Ghost 2.0,’ I want to reach out to those who, like me, who struggled with sin and human mental breakdowns,” Jeffery explains. “This song encapsulates my transformation and the realization that we can’t do anything without Jesus Christ.

As Jeffery unveils “The Holy Ghost 2.0,” his artistry becomes a vessel for connection, hope, and transformation through Jesus Christ. This release stands as a testament to his resilience, artistry, and unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel to the world.


“The Holy Ghost 2.0″ is now available on all major streaming platforms.





Jeffery D. Brower is a rising Artist who identifies as a once fallen soldier who left God for a while and stopped believing in HIM. He battled drug addictions, hardships, tests and trials until Jeffery found his way back to God through repentance, salvation, restoration and being filled with God’s Holy Spirit. Jeffery D. Brower is now a musical artist with a passion for creating and sharing his music with the world. Jeffery D. Brower believes that having a Repented heart towards God and exercising total faith in him is the way of life as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. He’s a compassionate loving and caring preacher of the Gospel as well and believes that Jesus can save anyone who will allow him to come into their life.  As he shares this gospel through music and preaching, he wants to share his message with the world.


Jeffery D. Brower
Name: Jeffery D. Brower
Phone: 472-215-3677
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