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ArtistPR's Blog – August 2023 Archive (52)

Rocky Krim A&R Meeting with Atlantic Records Along With COAST2COAST 2023 CHAMPIONSHIP

Douglasville, GA — Rocky Krim Has A personal A&R meeting with Vice president Jeff Sledge, VP of A&R Atlantic Records On September 23rd 2023. Following that he has a 1st round championship to attend to for COAST2COAST LIVE November 10th 2023 to compete for the $50,000 dollar prize.

Rocky Krim Has lots of support from his family, friends, Homies and from New Fans just now finding out about him because of how much he has been networking,…


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It’s Da Boss, Bandana to be exact!

Augusta, Georgia — Bandana is still dropping mixtape after mixtape. With latest release It’s Da Boss, Bandana to be exact.

It has been released on most digital platforms. He recently paid for a year of promotion on the world renown Spotify platform. He has an optimistic approach to developing his career an business.

Bandana quotes himself saying, ” I can cry a thousand nights for over a million years, and still have tears left for a million…


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Painting a Dynamic Rhythm on the Canvas of Dance, Hip Hop, and R&B- Rousseau Presents New Single

Featuring a blend of Dance, R&B, and Rap- “Limelight” illustrates the shining, distinctive, and bold outlook that Rousseau represents

Las Vegas, NV — August 11th, 2023 – A trailblazer who continues to showcase his uniqueness, creativity, and inspiration, Rousseau unveils a stunning new single- “Limelight.” Rousseau’s musical…


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Resonating, Contemplative, & Moving Music from the Heart- Demo and I’s New Single “A Time Set to Be” Inspires All

Inviting audiences to reflect the way they are living their lives, Christian artist Demo and I offers a passionate, compelling, and thoroughly inspiring journey

Lake Cormorant, MS — August 3rd, 2023 – Painting a captivating story of redemption and praise in the world of heartfelt Christian music, Demo and I stand out as a source of hope and inspiration. Their latest single “…


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Love for music is a great emotions that makes life colorful, it gives strength, energy and moments of happiness.

Giresun, Giresun, Türkiye — Light up your surroundings with your brightest smiles and have fun because it’s going to be a fabulous new month. Welcome to the month of blessing and fulfillment. May the rest of your days be unforgettable.

The artist is currently working on the release of a New single “So closer to You”. It is a song about an illusion, a transparent soul that brings love, peace, happiness and hope. All the singer’s songs bring peace and…


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Marc Eliot Makes A Triumphant Return, Bringing Timeless Tunes And Classic Melodies To Fans Of Traditional Pop And The Great American Songbook.

New York City, NY — The stage is set, and the spotlight shines once more on the captivating talent of Marc Eliot, as he makes a triumphant comeback, transporting listeners to a golden era of music. With a heartfelt nod to the Great American Songbook and the legendary crooners who have graced its pages, Marc Eliot mesmerizes audiences once again with his two new enchanting tracks, “Latte Lady” and “I Call New York My Home.” But that’s just the beginning;…


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Experience the Powerful Nostalgia of a Multi-Genre Musical Record- Teddy Bryant Presents New Album “Dinner for Two”

A dynamic new record, “Dinner for Two” features a mix of elements of Contemporary, Neo, Soul, and Funk House music

Conway, South Carolina — August 4th, 2023 – Boasting timeless melodies that are etched in the brilliance of the ‘80s Funk and Soul genres, Teddy Bryant’s new record- “Dinner for Two” is one of its kind. A soulful maestro known for his…


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Jabrit Presents “Decade” EP: A Musical Journey of 10 Years of Life

Now Available on All Music Platforms

Ravenna, Italy — Jabrit is excited to announce the release of his new EP, titled “Decade.” This musical work represents a unique experience as the artist explores and narrates 10 years of life through his music. The EP offers an authentic and intimate storytelling without excessive embellishments or self-references.

“Decade” by Jabrit is a compelling musical journey that spans a decade of…


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Making Waves in Hip Hop with Soulful and Striking Melodies and Rhythms – Lee Lewis Amazes with Electric New R&B Albums

Titled “20” and “the Gospel according to Jesus,” Lee Lewis’ electrifying new R&B albums are set to entertain and enliven listeners

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — July 23rd, 2023 – A multi-talented, multi-genre artist, Lee Lewis continues to deliver riveting and ingenious singles, cementing his place as an artist to watch out for. Presenting smooth and stunning musical compositions which straddle the genres of Hip Hop and…


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Devang Goud’s Mesmerizing Cover of “Across the Universe” Just Released

El Macero, California — Prepare to be captivated by the magical sounds of Devang Goud’s latest musical masterpiece as Ettu Arts Goud Records LLC proudly announces the release of “Across the Universe”, This phenomenal cover of the iconic Beatles timeless classic, originally released in 1969 showcases Devang’s exceptional talent, delivering soul stirring lyrics and a profound and soothing melody that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of music enthusiasts…


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The Soul of Acoustic and Fusion Music- Katelyn Ingardia Unveils Stunning Debut Solo Record

Titled “Getaway,” the artist’s mesmerizing new track is a prelude to a formidable musical career in Acoustic, Americana, and Roots

Easley, South Carolina —August 1st, 2023 – Katelyn Ingardia is no stranger to creating music that has the ability to transcend all boundaries and all superficial limits. In true Acoustic fashion, the singer-songwriter-who is also the founding member of the up-and-coming band Backline, displays a…


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Exhilarating, Profound, and Addictive- Pop Singer-Songwriter Yeri Hye Drops Sensational New Single “Pouring Rain”

Encompassing the power of human emotions, Yeri Hye’s newest single is a pathway towards reflection, healing, and self love

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia — August 1st, 2023 – A stunning Pop single that will make audiences come back for more, “Pouring Rain” is an evocative and moving track. Featuring the beautiful spectrum of feelings one experiences, the new single is, without a doubt, a soul-stirring experience for fans of the…


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