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Mjay Harmony Is A Fast Rising Musician From Nigeria, Find Out The New Single Titled, So Beautiful

Benin City, Edo, Nigeria — Why Do Fans Love Mjay Harmony so Much ?Find Out In The New Single Titled, So Beautiful

Mjay Harmony Is Now The Most Talked About Artist Of Recent

Mjay Harmony New Single Titled ‘So Beautiful’  Makes Heart Beautiful

Most Exciting Mjay harmony Songs, Is Titled, My Heart Is Greener

Mjay Harmony Music Style Of Play, Are Very Interesting

Fine Out Popular Demand songs From Mjay Harmony By Fans, In his new Album




Mjay Harmony A Music  Supper Star, once belong to a music Group called the intermediate, until they split up, mjay harmony went ahead to become a music director in a church, from where he started his own record label Know as ARMONIA RECORDS,

Mjay Harmony Believe in love so much, married with 3 adorable kids, Bryan, Triumph, And Joshua, mjay once Dedicated a song to his Adorable wife, Titled. My Treasure, Fans who Believe In their love, drone inspiration from them, very exiting to know that Artist still believe in Love, and Can still make marriages works after their Emotional feelings towards so many young women, mjay harmony when called for A private Interview, to talk about his mentorship and vison towards the music industry, Armonia Records was his first Goal, to Build A world Where everyone still believe in love and complementary each other, Music is A Life style, is More than Taking Glory, according to Mjay Harmony, we sing to make hearts Beautiful , the love for music keep my heart beating, because every artist want to sing in one of the biggest stage in the world, A dream coming through for me and am loving every beat of it,

Mjay Harmony, An independent Solo artist known for his Vocal Ability and unique style of play, in a way that makes him stand out Essentially, the continue release of his music singles have call for a popular demand for his New Album,



Mjay Harmony
Address: 131 Ogienmwenken Street Benin City, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria
Phone: +2349166582922
Press Kit:




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