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Coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo ZOLAH a Hip Hop leaning Pop Artist has an impressive story to share. Settling in Montreal a place where he could use French, his First language. ZOLAH took a leap of faith and moved to Toronto to learn English, a language foreign to him in a bid to increase his reach without any language barriers, ZOLAH bears it all.”My dreams of greatness were just a little big and i didn't want to limit my art because of the language, so i decided to come here to learn, he says.

Born into a devout Christian home, he started singing as a child in church up until his young adulthood. “Since my early childhood, I have dreamt of glory and greatness,” he says. “When people started telling me that I had a beautiful voice, I was convinced that music was what I was called into existence for and that all my dreams of greatness were linked to it.”

“I’m grateful to my parents who could afford to not only send me to university but could also afford to send me abroad (Canada), " he says. Coming from a country plagued by war, corruption and poverty this move brought him a step closer to his destiny and a realization of his “American Dream”.

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