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I’m from the Dominican Republic, I migrated to the US when I was around 8 years old to be with my family and provide a better future for them.

My father bought me an electric piano at a young age, and as soon as I came home from school every day, that was my favorite thing to do. I also explored other instruments such as the guitar, drums, and la “Guira” which is an instrument used in tropical music, e.g. bachata, merengue, salsa, etc.

I write / Record / Produce Latin-Urban Music / Pop / Reggaeton.

I like to think about my music as highly energetic, although I mostly focus on whatever emotions I’m feeling at the moment when it comes to creating.

You can relate to my music whether you’re feeling sad, or happy. When creating, I try my best to understand what is the EMOTION/MESSAGE I am trying to convey? I ask myself, “How is this going to make the listener feel?”

For me, the definition of “GOOD MUSIC” is - If from the moment you hear it, the first time, It makes you start bopping/moving your body/singing along without even knowing the lyrics - THAT IS GOOD MUSIC.

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