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Shaka Pitts Celebrates Mixtape Release @ Turntable Club!

Shaka Pitts aka The Voice of Baltimore Hip-Hop has made his presence felt on the Baltimore hip-hop scene and The Mid-Atlantic region as a whole. As an event host to over 30 events this year, including The Scribble Jam Preliminary event, audio engineer with numerous industry accolades, and most recently as host/creator of the LIVE call-in hip-hop radio program Real Talk Radio, Shaka Pitts has definitely put in his work.

Shaka Pitts Mixtape Release Party

Turntable Club 2139 Jefferson St.

Doors Open:

Peformances by:
Natural Remedy (Live Band), PX, Savage Da Beast, Reina Williams, and Shaka Pitts headlining

The Hip-Hop Ambassador, C-Love said it best while presenting Shaka with an award at The Baltimore Crown Awards on Friday, November 7th, "Shaka Pitts is the closest thing we have to a Mogul on the Baltimore hip-hop scene."

Shaka Pitts is now putting on his MC hat and delivering a new mixtape project entitled A Day In the Life of A Spitter/ The Lost Hard Drive of Shaka Pitts.

I also had the privilege of interviewing Shaka Pitts about the project as I was a special guest host on Real Talk Radio: To listen to the entire episode, check the link below:

The Lost Hard Drive features over 30 tracks and "Spitterludes" . The album will be available for purchase at the event.

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