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#ShaddowryderzHipHopChallenge First Challengers Mimic The Rebel and The Chriz Scott show awesome Talent as Shaddowryderz team up with Bolt 365 Radio!

#ShaddowryderzHipHopChallenge Mimic The Rebel
As things heat up for this year's #ShaddowryderzHipHopChallenge more and more challengers are entering.  The hype for this contest of pure Hiphop ability has spread all over the world!  Many people on multiple social media platforms are talking about it.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Tiktok have music artists who are joining in the on the fun.  Two notable artists are Mimic The Rebel and The Chriz Scott.  They both have total different lyrical styles and HUGE amounts of talent and energy.  You can check out their contest videos right here in this article.  

#duet with @shaddowmusic @mimic_the_rebel #duet #rap

♬ original sound - Shaddow
To add to the excitement; we have to report that Shaddowryderz has teamed up with popular online radio station:  Bolt 365 Radio to give out some amazing contest prizes to the winners of this year's #ShaddowryderzHiphopChallenge which will be announced on August 21, 2021.  Here are the Prizes and Rules of the contest:
1st Place Prize: A Vacation Package for 2

2nd Place Prize: Live Interview and Performance on Bolt 365 Radio + Radio Airplay for 1 Year

3rd Place Prize: A Free Jolt From The Bolt Package


1) Record a video of yourself rapping about cars to this track then challenge 5 of your friends to do it as well.  (If you are on tiktok you can click here for the duet video, and if you are on instagram click here for the remix video )

2) Post your video on as many social media channels as you like using the hashtag: #ShaddowRyderzHipHopChallenge

3) Tag 5 friends and share!

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