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Jewelz24k grew up in North Philadelphia, raised by a single mother.

Growing up was rough as his mother did what she could moving from place to place to provide for her only son. This life of hardShip and adversities forced Jewelz24k at an early age to find ways to make money to help make ends meet at home.

From selling candy in school to dancing in Competitions, even going as far as hacking computer systems for friends at school to help out his struggling family.

Jewelz always tried to find creative hustles to help make ends meet it and it wasn’t too long before he would realize his god given gift to sing and write music. At the age of 16 jewelz began singing and rapping to his friends and family and with their encouragement he gained the confidence to drop his very first Song "beast" on youtube and SoundCloud and that was the beginning of a fast growing following that would cling on to every jewelz24k song. His music started performing very well on soundcloud gaining over 100,000 streams in a couple months. His love and passion for music keeps growing every day as he now turned his creativity and hustle into something positive. His biggest dream is to continue to rock crowds across the globe with his introspective music that recounts his gritty upbringin but at the same time stays true to his roots as a dancer as it is vibrant and upbeat.

Undoubtly one of the most promising young stars in the philadelphia and in hip hop worldwide.

In 3 years the young artist has managed to do 12 independent shows in His hometown and is preparing to embark on an independent tour in 2021

conflicted by the circumstance of his environment but never dicouraged jewelz24k managed to find a positive way to overcome the negativity in his life and inspire many more to do the same

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