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Adreese Jacobs, aka “so uni Jet” Introduces So Universal Ent, an Independent Music Label

Adreese Jacobs, aka “so uni Jet” Introduces So Universal Ent, an Independent Music Label


Adreese Jacobs, aka “so uni Jet,” was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He has established a new independent music label called So Universal Ent music label to bring new talents into the music industry.


Adreese Jacobs, aka “so uni Jet,”  is a music entrepreneur based in Philadelphia, PA.  So ni Jet was born and raised in a city that produces many famous singers in the HipHop and R&B genres. Some of them are Lil Uzi Vert, Meek Mill, Black Thought, Beanie Sigel, Will Smith, PnB Rock, Lil Dicky, Cassidy, Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper, Schoolly D, Kurupt, and many more. Following the success of the fellow music artists, So uni Jet establishes a record label that helps new talent to produce their new songs. “I’m very excited about producing new music with new talents.  With So Universal Ent, they can produce their new tracks, and get publication. If you are interested in working with us, you can join, and establish your own tracks.” said so uni Jet, So Universal Ent founder and business person who focuses on the music label industry.


Adreese Jacobs, aka “so uni Jet,” has known music since childhood, and he is more interested in making more money through music management and A & R in the entertainment industry. So uni Jet used his talent to produce hip-hop music with a great vibe with other music artists. He also managed to build his fanbase on So Universal Ent with 18,3K followers on Instagram.


Adreese Jacobs, aka “so uni Jet,” has introduced the upcoming Rapper and Hip hop artist in the music industry and has many dreams to realize. One of his dreams is to establish an independent music label. In 2020 he introduced So Universal Ent, an independent music label to introduce new talents to the public through well publication and marketing strategies. So Universal Ent has produced many singles and albums on Spotify and other online music platforms. They include three singles and one album with seven tracks. The album by Jalen/So Universal called Long Story Short has seven tracks, including Intro, Betrayed, O.S.S, In the Mix, Lifestyle, Midnight Run, and Rich Again. Other singles include What’s Good, On My Way, and All I Do.


“Never forget the good things others do for you .. always appreciate your blessings “ Adreese Jacob.


“so uni Jet” has worked with many new music artists producing Hip hop singles and albums. His music has a unique touch with a great vibe in every detail of his songs. He composed music with deep bass and modern instruments to produce great music that is not monotonous. The lyrics also have their meaning in every song, delivering a good vibe for every listener.


About Adreese Jacobs

Adreese Jacobs is an entrepreneur and record label owner based in Philadelphia, PA. Jacobs is better known for his name as a “so uni Jet” in the music industry. Besides producing many singles, he also produced new tracks with great talents in his music label “So Universal Ent” and published them on music streaming providers. So Universal Ent songs are available on global music streaming platforms, like Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Tidal, and YouTube. So uni Jet and So Universal Ent is available on social media and online music streaming providers.  For more information, please visit  So Universal Ent Spotify at and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website.





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