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Episode 6 - 7 Questions With NTG Interviews Nkrumah Sekou Jennings  

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7 Questions With NTG Interviews Nkrumah Jennings 
(Anu Designs By Nkrumah)

Nkrumah Jennings was born in New York and grew up in New Jersey. The jewelers' journey started in 1998 when Nkrumah was in his mid twenties. He took a trip from his hometown of Birmingham, AL to Puerto Rico, then from Puerto Rico to Venezuela and Brazil. While in Puerto Rico a man by the name of Shamba overheard Nkrumah and a friend planning the Venezuela portion of their trip. Shamba offered to teach Nkrumah how to make simple handmade jewelry out of gemstones and jewelry wire. He said that this craft would help Nkrumah to finance his trip. While traveling Nkrumah met other jewelers who taught him how to work metal. Nkrumah traveled the Amazon for five days. During that time he played dominoes on the upper deck with the South American Indians who also taught him how to turn brass and silver wire into classic jewelry designs.

In 2001 Nkrumah moved to Brooklyn. Once in New York, Nkrumah quickly earned himself a name and a following in the fashion industry and among fellow artists for game changing designs and quality work. During the last 17 years, not more than a month would pass where Nkrumah has not picked up a hammer and piece of copper. Nkrumah has met and adorned almost all his favorite artists, sheroes, and heroes. That list would include the likes of Roberta Flack and Mary J Blige to name a couple.
In February of 2015 Nkrumah moved back to the south to a house in the quiet solitude of the country where is furthering his mastery as a craftsman. Today, Nkrumah continues to service a great wealth of clients from all over the world.



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