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[Exclusive] 21-Year-Old NY Rising Artist/Song Writer DDB Yayo Is Making A Name For Himself

DDB YAYO is a 21 year old rising artist born
April 16, 2000, who burst onto the streaming
scene this year. The Queens, New York born
songwriter has always had a natural affinity
for music; his dad had a home studio in the
family basement where DDB YAYO would spend
“countless hours”. Having had a rough
childhood, DDB YAYO was expelled in the
7th grade and ended up going to an
alternative school where “everyone
wanted to be a rapper”. This pushed
DDB YAYO to start rapping at the age
of thirteen but it wasn’t until he was
eighteen that he made the decision to
take it more seriously. He currently
has an ep out called “RISING STAR” and
a single called “TO THE TOP”.

Connect With DDB Yayo:

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