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City The Great Lives Up To His Name As NYC Stapleton/Artist/CEO

Brooklyn artist/CEO (Certified Nation Entertainment) City The Great recalls writing his first rap "F*ck School" at the young age of nine. It's evident based on his impressive, lengthy catalog of music that he's destined to thrive and has done so since that very first rhyme. Throughout the years his craft has caught the attention of Hip Hop pioneers and legends including Kool Rock Ski (The Fat Boys) and Special Ed. In fact, immediately after hearing City's music Special Ed signed him as the first artist under his label SEmedia. 

For City The Great, it doesn't just stop with music. He's driven to expand his brand, Certified Nation Entertainment roster, and is determined to bridge the generation gap in Hip Hop. In that regard, he's partnered with Kool Rock Ski to co-orchestrate NY's Annual Classic Hip Hop and R&B Cookout. “He keeps me young and motivated to keep pushing and creating.” – Kool Rock Ski

Both Special Ed, Kool Rock Ski, along with other major Hip Hop players are impressed with City’s ability to reach the masses, worldwide, via honest, compelling storytelling that ultimately brings the elements of Hip Hop back to the forefront. "It's refreshing to hear a young artist spark nostalgia, he's a driven force in Hip Hop and empowered to make a change and continue to evolve in Hip Hop." - Special Ed

 Be sure to connect with City The Great below and grab a copy of his latest projects ‘The Wordsmith’ album and ‘Respectfully Yours’ the mixtape.





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