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Jody Breeze Launches New Label Young Gunna - New Mixtape on the Way

Photo credit: Ray Tamarra

Southern rapper Jody Breeze has embarked on forming his own independent label Young Gunna Records and releases new mixtape, 'No More Secrets'.

-- After over 4 years in the music industry, Jody Breeze has started his own independent label, Young Gunna Records with offices in New York and Atlanta. Young Gunna Records has also closed a major distribution deal with 101 Distribution and is set to put out three releases in the next 7-8 months. The deal with will distribute all of Breeze's releases through retail and digital online and will feature not only music but ring tones, cell phone wallpapers and merchandise. Fans may visit to purchase items directly, order from Jody's Myspace page ( or visit their local music retailer or simply buy online and download to their MP3 player or computer. Another feature is personal contact for all access as fans can text BREEZE to 46101 to get the latest news about Jody.

The first project will be Breeze's newest mixtape with DJ Teknikz out of Atlanta entitled, 'No More Secrets' which will showcase a majority of original music as did the 'Best Kept Secret' mixtape series. 'Best Kept Secret Volume 1, 2 & 3 are now available online as well as several exclusive singles such as 'Catch Me If U Can', 'Crack' and 'On Our Way' featuring Omega. Young Gunna Records will also release a unique mini album before the album in the Fall of '08 entitled 'Best of Breeze'. Jody's official solo album will be released in early first quarter of '09 entitled, 'Highly Anticipated'. This full album will finally give Breeze's fans a taste of what they have been waiting for, Breeze and only Breeze!

The latest Breeze release the follow up to the 'Best Kept Secrets' series, 'No More Secrets' hosted by DJ Teknikz is sure to grab the attention of Breeze fans and the music industry. Breeze pulls no punches and tells it how he sees it and give you that amazing flow and style that only he can bring! Once again a majority of the mixtape is original music with features from R&B artist Omega, Gorilla Zoe, Gucci Mane, Kollosus, K Hill and Porscha.

Track list: 'Most Anticipated', 'Money, Cars, Clothes', 'OG N*ggaz', 'Too Much', Umm Crack', 'Keep It Gangsta', '100's, 50's, 20's' featuring Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane, 'Dis Morning', 'Hatin' On Me' featuring Kollosus, 'Watch Me Now', '9 Millie', 'Mr. Carter', 'For My N*ggaz' featuring Porscha, ''On My Way' featuring Omega, 'She Moving It' featuring Omega, 'Rapping' featuring K Hill, 'Lemme Hit It' featuring Omega.

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