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Baltimore Hip Hop's Online Destination for Self-Made Entrepreneurs Presents: 2008 Online Hip-Hop Awards

Nominations Open at

The Online Hip-Hop Awards 2008, a multi-media, "people's choice" awards ceremony that honors the best and most innovative in Hip-Hop, kicks off today with the launch of its open nominations. Presented by, the web's largest hip-hop community, The Online Hip-Hop Awards 2008 gives fans the power to nominate and vote for their favorites in Hip-Hop in a broad spectrum of 30 categories, including music, celebrity, best of the web and community at

With the goal of empowering tech-savvy fans with the latest technology to nominate, vote for and virally support their personal favorites, The Online Hip-Hop Awards 2008 partnered with Buzznet, Inc. to build the dedicated site, web-based tools and ballots.

"The Online Hip-Hop Awards were created to put ultimate control in the hands of the fans and recognize and celebrate them on the same level as the artists they love," said Felicia R. Palmer CEO & President, "Buzznet's team did a tremendous job building the platform for this exciting event which we know will not only resonate and engage fans, but also the talent themselves."

In addition to being able to submit their favorite well known artists and music, users can also nominate up-and-comers, themselves, their friends, or anyone who they feel should be honored with the prestigious award for their unique contribution to Hip-Hop. Users can also help promote and gain support for their nominees by placing the multi-network widget created especially for the awards onto their social networking profiles and their own websites.

"We brought Buzznet's technology muscle to the Awards to enable the most powerful platform for hip-hop fans to voice their choice," said Scott Boyd, General Manager, Buzznet. "We love the authentic nature of The Online Hip-Hop Awards and recognize it as a great entrée into the Urban category for Buzznet."

Fans will be able to submit their nominations in all 30 categories through October 14th at which point five (5) finalists from each category will then be announced. From October 16th through November 15, 2008 fans will then be able to cast their final votes to ultimately determine who will take home the Online Hip-Hop Award in each category. Winners will be simulcast live on the internet this November from the Award ceremony featuring presentations and performances by hip-hop's hottest stars.

For a complete explanation of categories and more information on nominations and the voting widget, please visit


(8) Web Categories:
Music Lover Blog of the Year -dedicated to the hip-hop music blog that best showcases, reviews and exposes the sounds of the culture.
Gossip Folks Award-dedicated to the site or blog that breaks the juiciest stories we love to talk about.
Artist Website of the Year-dedicated to the artist website, blog or community that keeps you in their "click."
Stan Site of the Year -This isn't just any old fan-site, it's the supreme artist-dedicated blog from the ultimate Stan.
Come-Up Award-This goes to the site to watch that has made major strides in an internet minute.
Blogger of the Year-Whether it's the love, the hate, or his/her unique take on events, this blogger personality keeps you coming back for more.
Vlog of the Year-Armed with a camera and a unique take, this video blogger viewed the world through the right lens.
Podcast Award-Lets hear it for the podcast that provides the best soundtracks for surfing the net.

(14) Music/Celebrity Categories:
Album of the Year (Hip-Hop)-This rap album created the most anticipation and delivered.
Album of the Year (R&B)-This R&B album created the most anticipation and delivered.
Artist of the Year (Hip-Hop)-As the year's MVP, this artist has dominated the scene.
Artist of the Year (R&B)-As the year's R&B MVP, this artist has dominated the scene.
Artist to Watch Award (Hip-Hop/R&B)-Judging by the buzz this artist/group has built, it's only a matter of time before they're at the top of the charts.
King of the Net-This artist has an online star power that consistently keeps online fans talking.
Collabo of the Year-This song connected two or more artists and created a classic collabo song in the process.
Music Video of the Year-This music video made the most noise.
Digital Download of the Year (Hip-Hop)-This Hip-Hop song may not have been a radio hit, but fans downloading it kept servers burning hot.
Digital Download of the Year (R&B)- This R&B song may not have been a radio hit, but fans downloading it kept servers burning hot.
Off the Hook Award (Hip-Hop)-This goes to the hip-hop ringtone that answered all calls with the most style.
Off the Hook Award (R&B)-This goes to the R&B ringtone that answered all calls with the most style.
Air Waves DJ Award (terrestrial/satellite)-The hottest radio personality/DJ on air.
Mixtape DJ of the Year-Dedicated to the spin doctor who made the biggest impact on your block and beyond.

(8) Fan/Community Categories:
LMAO Award-When you busted a gut behind your monitor, it probably had something to do with the jokesters at this (blog, site, video blog, etc)
I Should be a Video Model Award- Directors take note, this girl's got the looks and the (ahem!) assets to be the next video queen.
I Should be a Rap Star Award-The only thing that separates this unsigned artist from poppin' bottles in VIP is the record deal and the adoring fans.
I Should be a Hip-Hop Producer-Kanye West and Doctor Dre hold on to your ProTools! Listen close, this knob-twister has the next sound.
I Should be a Hip-Hop Dancer Award-When you've got footwork like this, you should be stepping up to the national dance floor.
I'm Hip-Hop's Biggest Fan Award-From collecting vinyl, to memorizing the words to every rap song, this award is dedicated to the biggest hip-hop "Stan" alive.
I Should Be A Hip-Hop Video Director Award -Based on the hip-hop videos they've directed for friends, local artists, or themselves, this amateur lens man has what it takes to make the cut.
Web Star of the Year-Somehow this otherwise unknown is a self-made celebrity that has uploaded himself/herself to your memory bank through weblogs, blogs, video series, music, etc.

About The Online Hip-Hop Awards
Launched in 1997, The Online Hip-Hop Awards is the premier awards event that gives fans the power to nominate and vote for their favorites in Hip-Hop in a broad spectrum categories, including music, celebrity, best of the web and community. Ten weeks of online voting culminates in a live event that celebrates the winners and hip-hop's hottest stars. The Online Hip-Hop Awards have featured past celebrities including LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Wyclef, Grandmaster Flash and Mos Def. The Online Hip-Hop Awards are executive-produced by 4CONTROL Media Inc, founders of

In 1995, was founded to satisfy the demand for a Hip-Hop community online. Today, with over 5,500,000 visitors each month, SOHH is the web's largest and longest running urban/hip-hop community. is rated "the Best Overall Hip-Hop Site" by Rolling Stone magazine and is the highest ranked Hip-Hop teen portal according to the premier internet ratings website, ComScore. Recognized as the preeminent online hip-hop resource, has been featured across the media including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, The Associated Press, The LA Times, The Village Voice, The Boston Globe, The Toronto Star, The NY Daily News, The Washington Post, USA Today, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek,, Gawker, and

Buzznet's music community is among the largest on the Web. Users program around millions of photos, videos and blog posts every day. Its communities power the most robust, diverse and all-encompassing music experience online and include, Stereogum, Absolute Punk, Idolator, Vampire Freaks

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