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Reverberating Electronic and Techno Music- Electronic Veteran The Screaming Pope Unveils Enigmatic New Album

Releasing his passionate and magnetic new album- “Haberdash”- The Screaming Pope is driven to set the scene ablaze with captivating beats, and memorable rhythms

Boston, MA — August 23rd, 2023 –Transporting audiences into a realm of mind-bending auditory experiences as electronic music veteran, George Bolton, also known as The Screaming Pope, is ready to drop his electrifying new album, “Haberdash“.

With a debut that predates the dawn of the electronic music era, George Bolton’s journey into the realm of sound started in 1979 when he first laid hands on an Arp Axxe Synthesizer.

Since then, he has carved an illustrious path through the electronic music landscape, evolving his craft and experimenting with sonic possibilities. His musical voyage spans various cities, including Rhode Island, Chicago, and ultimately settling in Boston.

The Screaming Pope project, which ignited just before the tumultuous era of COVID, has since birthed a cascade of more than a dozen releases, each a testament to his mastery over the electronic realm.

A talented artist who is deeply entwined with the essence of music, Bolton’s compositions are more than just harmonious arrangements; they are vessels that hold the “Big Questions” of life and consciousness.

The artist’s music delves into the realms of esoteric religion, philosophy, and the kaleidoscope of human experiences, beckoning listeners to explore the depths of their own minds.

The upcoming album, “Haberdash”, promises to be a magnum opus of his artistic expression, a synthesis of his rich experience in electronic music, visual art, music video production, and audio engineering.

As The Screaming Pope’s music reverberates through speakers, it ignites a cascade of emotions, thoughts, and reflections. “Haberdash” continues a legacy of records that are pulsating, exciting, and memorable. From “Circuit Bored” to “Magic Trick” and “The Precipitator of Events”- each painting a vivid and visceral story for audiences to lose themselves in.

As “Haberdash” prepares to make its debut, the world braces itself for a transformative encounter with the compelling artistry of a true maestro of electronic expression.

Stream and download “Haberdash” from your favorite music streaming platform and contact the artist for inquiries, interviews, and reviews! Visit The Screaming Pope’s official Bandcamp merchandise store to buy official merch and follow them on their Facebook Business page!



The Mind Behind The Screaming Pope George Bolton, a techno music veteran hailing from Boston, is the enigmatic force driving The Screaming Pope. With a legacy that spans over four decades, Bolton’s musical journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and creativity.

Bolton’s foray into the electronic music landscape began in 1979 when the mesmerizing tones of an Arp Axxe Synthesizer captured his imagination. Over the years, his passion led him through various music scenes, from the vibrant hub of Rhode Island to the pulsating heart of Chicago’s house and techno movement.

However, it was in Boston where Bolton truly blossomed, honing his craft while pursuing studies in art. His artistic prowess isn’t confined to music alone; Bolton’s talents extend into the visual realm, where he’s dabbled in diverse forms of creative expression.


The Screaming Pope
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