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Exciting and Eclectic Rock n Roll and Jazzy Blues- Peter Byrne & The Glass Onion Band Deliver Kaleidoscopic New Singles

Enriching the soundscapes of the Rock n Roll, Peter Byrne & The Glass Onion’s newest single “She’s Coming” invites listeners into a whole new world

Addergoole, Mayo, Ireland — August 19th, 2023 – A refreshing breeze of eclectic creativity- Peter Byrne & The Glass Onion Band are driven to enliven listeners with their sonic brilliance. Hailing from Addergoole in Ireland, the musical ensemble is gearing up to take the music scene by storm with their new album that promises a genre-defying journey through pensive rock’n’roll, blues, jazz, and everything in between.

Peter Byrne & The Glass Onion Band are set to ignite the music world with their eclectic mix of songs, breaking down genre barriers and delivering a sound that’s as vibrant and varied as life itself.

From the exuberant big band tune “She’s Coming” to the contemplative strains of “Step by Step,” from the ethereal beauty of “My Boston Angel” to the rockabilly energy of “Start all over again,” the album is a sonic journey that traverses through emotions and styles. With a release date pinned for early October, music enthusiasts can expect a collection that defies expectations and delivers a musical experience like no other.

Fans and curious listeners are invited to dive into the world of Peter Byrne & The Glass Onion Band. The single release “She’s Coming” is already available on various platforms, including YouTube. The band’s website offers a gateway to their musical realm, where you can explore and stay updated on their upcoming album release.

An eclectic talent- Peter Byrne’s debut album “A Collection” is also a treasure trove of musical gems available on popular streaming platforms.

From the captivating pensive rock’n’roll to the soulful blues, from the intricate jazz melodies to the foot-tapping rockabilly rhythms, the Glass Onion Band’s musical palette knows no bounds. Their music is a celebration of love, happiness, excitement, and sheer fun, promising an auditory experience that’s as dynamic as it is delightful.

For the latest updates, interviews, and more, follow Peter Byrne and The Glass Onion Band on Facebook. In a world where there exists a great need for unique and diverse musical experiences, Peter Byrne & The Glass Onion Band are poised to deliver a musical adventure that’s as rich as it is riveting.

Stay tuned for the release of their upcoming album, a testament to the power of creativity, diversity, and the universal language of music!




An authentic musical maverick- Peter Byrne is an Irish singer-songwriter with an unparalleled ability of crafting melodies that are both meaningful and riveting. Influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, James Taylor, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Byrne’s music resonates with an unmistakable charm that spans across genres. A unique style of writing, intuitive songcraft, and heart-on-sleeve storytelling define Byrne’s musical approach.

The artist’s unique ability to traverse diverse styles while maintaining an authentic core has garnered praise from Joseph Guercio, Elvis Presley’s music arranger, who noted, “He can write, he can sing, and that to me spells success.”


Peter Byrne & The Glass Onion Band
Name: Peter Byrne



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