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Relaying Depth of Emotion and Empathy with Soulful and Enticing Pop: Geo-Con Releases New Single

‘Fire’ is the latest addition to a consortium of perceptive and inspiring music, which is bound to strum on listeners’ heart strings.

Lexington, Kentucky — April 5th, 2022- Geo-con’s latest single is an anthem for the heart and mind displaying both lyrical mastery and musical genius. “Fire” is the newest addition to a collection of music produced by the eclectic artist that includes “Can’t’ Stay Out of The Rain”, “My Type”, and older ones such as “IDKY” and “Aquafina”.

Geo-con and his good friend Ekaman both wrote the song together, connecting with each other’s experiences and producing an exciting piece of art in the process. The inspiring artist wishes to instill a feeling of happiness and exhilaration in listeners on hearing this new song in a way in which they can push aside the everyday worries of their lives. This music is a celebratory piece for the small blessings of one’s life; it is a recognition and commemoration of all that one has simultaneously.

The rising star’s music is expressly unique because of the distinct sound and story it has which is visible in each and every track that is produced. Geo-con’s beautiful voice and easy-to-understand lyrics allure audiences in a way in which the depth of the message is relayed with sincerity.

Being a believer himself, the musician wishes to make listeners feel the acute presence of God in music- the subscription and subservience to a higher power. Geo-con’s inspiration for music remains both his brother and cousin who motivated him to work on his craft and develop it into what it has become today. The artist’s final goal is to dabble in a number of different musical genres such as rock, dance, country or RnB to help diversify the music that he produces and to share this music with the world to enjoy.

Stream Geo-Con’s music on and on SoundCloud and Spotify. Follow the musician on his official social media page on Facebook for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email




George Conley, more popularly known as Geo-con, is a 26-year-old young man who was born and raised in Lexington in Kentucky. The artist grew up in a single-parent household headed by his mother which included his two brothers as well. This absence of the musician’s father as well as the learning disability of his mother all added to the experiences that have colored the musical project professed.

The aspiring artist’s main motivation towards music is a mix of both the guidance given by his brother and his now family which include his girlfriend and two younger kids. This small family is perhaps another reason that the artist has been able to see the brighter side of life despite a challenging young life.

Geo-con has not had much official experience in the music industry but the artist’s diligence and commitment to hard work are displayed by the fact that he has continued to produce music throughout the last two years. It is this experience in life that continues to show itself in the music that the star produces; music that enriches the soul!


Name: George Conley
Phone: 8597888931



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