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Rediscover Calming Positive Energy with Spellbinding New Pop Artist- Natalie Thompson Stirs Emotions with New Single

With her new single and music video, “Where the heck are you?”, Natalie Thompson delivers an inventive, rich, and expressive musical record

Nashua, NH — August 16th, 2022 – A versatile Pop composer and lyricist Natalie Thompson is known for her superior songwriting skills, that aim to capture the authenticity and true nature of a blend of moods, emotions, gestures, thought, and actions. Writing music to communicate, sooth and help audiences go to sleep naturally, Thompson hopes to excite, relax, and make audiences feel with her new single.

Accompanied by an equally tantalizing music video, Natalie Thompson’s new single, “Where the heck are you?” is a depiction of the feelings and emotions of waiting for someone. “Where the heck are you?” follows up Natalie Thompson’s last released tracks, “Waiting for Someone” and “Looking for Someone” and is all set to drop on August 23rd, 2022.

With a penchant for writing to express feelings and paint people’s feelings of anger and happiness through her music, Natalie’s new track is a memorable lyrical experience. Empowered by her charming tonal variations and voice, “Where the heck are you” makes use of diverse instruments, alongside featuring a beautiful handmade stuffed animal, Juliana, delivering a delightful storyline.

“Juliana, my handmade beautiful yellow pillow stuffed animal has been waiting for her friend Stavania for years. Time goes by, she ran out of time, still waiting for him without knowing when he is gonna be with her. Singing charmingly, she wishes he could be with her to enjoy wonderful activities with her,” comments Thompson on the track’s inspiration.

Be the first to stream, download, watch and listen to “Where the heck are you?” and enjoy the entertaining new music video by Natalie Thompson on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, VEVO, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Napster and other official music platforms! Follow the rising artist on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates on new music and releases!




Natalie Thompson is a talented and authentic singer-songwriter in the Pop realm. The skilled singer-musician learnt how to play instruments when she was 7 years of age and has ever since continued to enrich her musical acumen. Working diligently and tirelessly to earn a scholarship from the conservatory, Natalie played music for school concerts years ago. Currently, her music is centered around being therapeutic, and she has been making music for this genre since 2020.

The skilled artist plays a 16-string zither and enjoys writing and playing (theme) relaxing music, which helps all listeners lose themselves in her music and sleep well. Bringing positive energies through her music, Natalie hopes to relieve listeners’ stress and anxiety, balance their emotions, and improve concentration. Her music remains dedicated to someone she loves and cares for, writing songs for people that have limited communication skills.  Her tantalizing discography includes her last released single “Looking for Someone” and the scintillating and tranquil 10-track album “Earth Elements” which Natalie unveiled for audiences in 2021.



Natalie Thompson
Name: Natalie Thompson Authentic Therapy Music
Phone: message through my facebook or or



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