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A Passionate, Fiery, and Memorable Latin Trap Debut – DJ ShortDogg Marks an Exhilarating Solo Beginning with New Album

“Da Drought Iz Over” is a fantastic new moment in Latin Trap music, displaying the effortlessness with which DJ ShortDogg creates immersive blends

Springfield, Mass — August 19th, 2022 – Latin Trap’s enticing new offering, “Da Drought Iz Over” is a fantastic original project by DJ ShortDogg. The new album features the artist working with handpicked and carefully selected contemporary, rising stars. Inspiration behind the new album came from DJ ShortDogg’s longstanding wish of working on a musical record that explores the rich, undiscovered talents of modern times, and enriches the Latin genre.

Working on a digital music agency, DJ ShortDogg’s official website is also known for providing services for budding musicians and artists and is engrossed in building a musical community for like-minded artists, producers & DJs. From recoding to copywriting, marketing, publishing, voice overs, graphics, video-making and editing, mixing, mastering and DJ-ing, the artist hopes to help, grow, and envision entertainment in a unique way.

A DJ and a Latino who empowers listeners of all kinds through his universal soundscape, DJ ShortDogg aims on keeping the American dream alive for all his people and inspire others to love music. With “Da Droguht Iz Over”, the very first track from his new album which is all set to drop on August 19th, 2022, the dynamic artist explores his passion for music.

Determined to outshine everyone and everything that stands in his way, DJ ShortDogg wishes to become a Latin, Hip Hop artist who holds his roots close to his heart. He aims to embolden the voice of the streets, discussing relatable struggles that people can deeply resonate with. The scintillating new record features DJ ShortDogg alongside rising producer from Morocco, Spectler.

Stream DJ ShortDogg’s new album, “Da Drought Iz Over’ on the artist’s official music platforms! Subscribe, like, and follow the dynamic artist’s musical journey on his social media! For interviews, reviews, collaborations, feel free to reach out through email. The artist is on the lookout for collaborating on future projects and networking with like-minded contemporary up-and-coming artists!



DJ ShortDogg, named Harry Valentin on birth, is a 47-year-old DJ, producer, and entrepreneur of Puerto Rican descent, who was raised in the United States. Growing up in the freestyle and Hip Hop music era, DJ ShortDogg’s main focus in life was always music, inspired and amazed by the ways it continues to impact listeners.

Blessed to be a 3rd generation DJ, the eclectic artist believes that music has played a major role in his life and has helped him escape and over come many obstacles. For DJ ShortDogg, music is the language of all and many, who are different in countless ways yet united by its force. On a mission to serve the community with his God-given talents, DJ ShortDogg aims to bridge the generation gap through music. By using his gifts and skills to set a precedent for budding Latin artists of tomorrow, DJ ShortDogg continues to lead through his exemplary hard work and dedication.


DJ ShortDogg /Latin Trap Music
Name: DJ ShortDogg
Phone: (413)262-0588



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