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Nay Luma unveils Electrifying new summer Anthem “Reaction” to dominate the Electronic scene

birmingham, mi — A timely single that delves into the world of social media and the constant need for validation through attention seeking behavior. This track encourages the listener to break free from the cycle.

The world seems to be so absorbed in selfish behaviors. They want constant attention. Everyone wants to be loved and be shown attention for the sake of knowing someone cares. But the acceptance of someones love can take you there.

I’ve written this from personal experiences that I have been through.. I found this to be the thing I couldn’t change in past relationships. I’ve learned after loving so many times, that acceptance is love and that someones flaws and the way the love, can be beautiful.. even if its ugly.

Love is beautiful, even when it is ugly.

In a tainted world where humans are so self absorbed, through social media, and social acceptance. Love can be difficult. Self with can feel hard. We try to find validation everywhere around us.. to prove to someone that we are worthy.

“It’s beautiful when you’re ugly, because I know it’s the way you want me.”




Nay Luma is a pop artist from Detroit, Michigan. She has drawn inspiration from icons such as Lady Gaga, Cher, Amy Whinehouse, and Rihanna. Nay Luma blends Pop, electronic, and modern innovation.




Nay Luma
Name: Nadene Attal
Address: 1856 yosemite blvd, birmingham, mi
Phone: 2489826892
Press Kit:



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