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Hit Music Machine’s biggest star Danny SangREAL releases 4 new Hit tracks after suffering a near deadly hit and run accident, while on his Moped.

Miami USA, Fl — One of Hit Music Machine’s biggest new artists, Danny SangREAL has made it through a horrific hit and run accident just weeks ago, and while on his way home on his moped.  Although suffering 18 broken bones in his body, nothing could stop him from producing 5 new hit songs during the time he was stuck in an electric wheelchair.
as Danny’s injuries heal, he lost mobility in his right hand, and continues to write and record without ever giving up hope on his dream.

Danny created a GoFundMe page and impacted over a thousand individual donations by his fans, in order to help pay for numerous surgeries. Danny’s new releases can be found in YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, & Instagram and surely hits home when it comes to Music anyone who listens to, puts on repeat.

A few of his singles are available now for purchase and download along with new releases beginning June 22,2023 and continues to release more over the next year.

As Danny SangREAL always says, “ I think it’s important for everyone to stay present in the moment, because now is always going to be the gift. It’s just as important to present your best self everywhere you go, because you never know who you’re gonna meet and how much of an impact you can have on them, so stay positive in all that you do, believe in yourself, and start each of your days with thoughts and words aloud, that today is gonna be a great day!” “Say it and you’ll see it!”


In such a short time, Danny has broken through multiple barriers and obstacles, and has been a pinnacle hero in lifting so many peoples spirits through his new music and his personable people skills, during his time traveling and performing at various clubs and venues.
It is pleasurable hearing his music and leaves a resonating sound full message for days to come.

You can find his music at any of his social media pages and if you wish to download or purchase one of his tracks, be sure to click on the link below and listen.

Dreams by Danny SangREAL 




Danny SangREAL is a World Traveler, Song Writer, Music Producer, and Singer who has dedicated his life spreading positivity and awareness to all those he encounters.
Raised around music, he spent his entire life in search of the perfect sounds to bring his vision of Love to the World.


Danny SangREAL
Name: Danny SangREAL
Address: Miami , FL USA, Miami USA, Fl



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