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Lee Lewis: The multi-talented, Gospel Artist, Writer, Hiphop rapper, and performer is making waves in the music industry

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Lee Lewis the talented singer-songwriter and dancer is making waves in the music industry with his new album “20”. He has accomplished so much during the last two years. He has over two thousand listeners on Apple Music. He is well-known in the United States and worldwide.

Lee Lewis is a 20-year-old right out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He lives with his mother and brother. He says that his Mother is his manager and producer. He said in a recent interview that his mother picks out the words and the beats for his songs.

“When life gets hard, you work harder”

”the most talented and honest singer out there”

”When God gives you a gift, use it”

Lee Lewis said that he is working on two new albums, an r&b album, and a gospel album. And rumors say that Lee Lewis is releasing a music video later this year

Lee Lewis is going on tour in December and he is teaming up with a few friends. This is the first time he is on tour for his new album

Listen to his new songs on Spotify And Apple Music and YouTube. He is really doing good in the music industry. And after losing his dad to cancer he loses his voice and now he is back and he is brand new. Go show him some love




Lee Lewis writes songs about heartbreak and love and about God. God really gave him a voice for music.


lee lewis
Name: Penton lee lewis
Address: 5418 Stewart Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phone: 267-928-1749



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