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An Authentic, Unique, and Symphonic Take on Rock- The Bandys’ Reinvent the 60’s Allure with Stirring New EP ‘California

An iconic European collective, The Bandys’ next big hit- “California Sky” is a work of art, encompassing a diverse range of instrumentation

Vienna, Vienna, Austria — July 16th, 2023 – Conjuring all the iconic, distinctive, and animated magic of passionate instrumentation, The Bandys’ new Rock EP ‘California Sky’ is one for the ages. Straddling 6 experimental and resonant tracks, the band’s new drop is cementing their place as an unyielding, talented force.

The Bandys have crafted their next sensational track dedicated to the allure of California with their EP “California Sky.” Employing the use of original and authentic instruments, such as the iconic Hofner Bass from the 60s, symphonic orchestra, and steel guitar, they have created a truly captivating musical experience.

Highlighted within the EP is the mesmerizing song titled “California Sky,” which the band believes to be a hidden gem. Countless hours were invested in the studio, collaborating with seasoned musicians and incorporating a classic orchestra.

The result is a collection of six well-crafted songs, each featuring exquisite symphonic arrangements. “California Sky,” transports listeners on a nostalgic journey reminiscent of a scene from a James Bond film. Released in August 2022, the EP “California Sky” showcases The Bandys’ exceptional talent.

Notably, the band had the privilege of joining Brian May (Queen) on tour as an exclusive pre-group for two European shows in 2016, a testament to their musical prowess. Guiding the creative process was the brilliant producer, Mr. Sandor Jozsa, renowned for his extensive work in international film and music recordings. His expertise and collaborative efforts brought an exceptional level of polish and professionalism to the EP.

A force to be reckoned with, The Bandys’ musical journey unfolds through this EP, offering listeners a transcendent experience that combines timeless melodies and a touch of cinematic grandeur.

Stream The Bandys’ exhilarating new EP ‘California Sky’ on  iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and other official music streaming platforms. Follow the artists’ journey on Facebook and instagram and spread the word regarding this fascinating and iconic musical collective!




The Bandys was formed in 2010. The band consists of singer-songwriter, Andreas Hamorszky, an Austrian-Hungarian musician who lives in Vienna and is writing all the songs of the band. He is joined by Béla Barabás on guitar, who was a member of famed hungarian group Fresh Fabrik since 1998 and who has achieved many international awards for his compositions for commercials.

The band’s lead guitarist is Zsolt Galántai, a master of british and american guitar sounds, who also played in the group Beathoven before the band. Additionally, Gabor Wiszler plays the bass, Tamás Simó is on Keyboards,  and Viktor Mihalik, is a professional drummer from the hungarian group Bikini.

The group’s single “Believe in peace” made it to the Semi Finals of the UK Songwriting Contest in Rock Category in 2011. In 2013, the band released their first song on iTunes “Can you hear me now” (also on Spotify and Amazon available), and in 2015 they made UK producer Matt Mosquito a remix of new Bandys song “Fortune Teller” which has been on the 1st place for over 5 weeks on the charts for Austria. The

The Bandys have also joined the famous Harlem Gospel Choir from New York for 4 concerts on their tour in Budapest, where they even played a Bandys song “There could be heaven” together.


The Bandys
Name: Andreas Hamorszky



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