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Jordi Martijnse Just Released His First Symphonic Rock Song

Vroomshoop, Overijssel, Netherlands — Get ready for an extraordinary musical experience with ‘Hyperspace’ – an epic symphonic rock sensation. This dynamic composition evokes the magic of legendary soundtracks, immersing in captivating melodies. Discover the limitless power and allure of ‘Hyperspace’ as it defies musical conventions.

Calling all music enthusiasts! If they are in search of an exhilarating musical adventure, ‘Hyperspace’ is a must-listen. This epic symphonic rock masterpiece transcends genres, appealing to lovers of cinematic soundtracks, rock aficionados, and anyone with a passion for powerful melodies. Whether seeking sonic inspiration or simply wanting to be transported to a realm of musical grandeur, ‘Hyperspace’ is the perfect voyage.

‘Hyperspace’ is a heartfelt creation, born from jordi martijnse his burning ambition to become a movie composer. This epic symphonic rock masterpiece is a glimpse into the cinematic soundscapes Jordi aspires to craft.

“Hyperspace,” an epic symphonic rock creation, as a step towards the composer’s dream of becoming a movie composer. He explained how the song aims to resonate with fellow dreamers, music lovers, and those who appreciate powerful melodies. Importantly, the song is now available for streaming on Spotify, providing everyone with the opportunity to experience the magic of “Hyperspace.

Experience the epic symphonic rock journey of ‘Hyperspace’ now available on Spotify:




Jordi Martijnse is a 19-year-old artist from the Netherlands. He is focusing on making music that will inspire people to follow their dreams. He doesn’t really have a main genre because jordi thinks they have to taste every single piece of it to know it


Jordi Martijnse
Name: Jordi Martijnse
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