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Inventive and Memorable Drill, Hip Hop, Jazz Instrumentals- Drillygirl Entertainment BX Enriching the Bronx Drill Scene

With an awe-inspiring, new freshman catalogue of published instrumentals, Drillygirl Entertainment BX promise a multi-genre blend of ingenuity and creativity

Los Angeles, CA — August 21st, 2022 – Having unveiled a number of exciting and memorable Hip Hop, Jazz, and Bronx Drill tunes and instrumentals, such as “PROUD2TREESH”, Drillygirl Entertainment BX are quickly becoming a sought-after force. The platform rose to prominence after the international Instagram success of ‘Team Trendii’, delivering uplifting, catchy, and intoxicating compositions.

All set to mesmerize audiences with thier new freshman catalog of published, refreshing instrumentals, Drillygirl Entertainment BX are taking the music world by storm. With an unique set of instrumentals available to stream for the listeners enjoyment as well as to be leased out to rising artists as material, Drillygirl Entertainment BX hope to expand collaborations and ultimately, their buzzing presence.

Team Trendii started off as a group effort borne from ideas from several incarcerated men who resolved that music would be a way out of a life of crime, an escapade that drives from passion and meaning. It started off as a way to simply spend time and be creative, but swiftly grew to become more of an intelligent idea as it started to gain recognition.

Although several of the original individuals did not follow the path of Drillygirl Entertainment for life’s personal issues, one of the platform’s producer ‘Medina’ continued to follow a path that eventually brought their instrumentals as far as they have come today.

A taciturn, enigmatic musical genius, Medina has undergone several of life’s testing challenges and been through a lot, clinging on to motivation from the very thought of complete freedom. The artist’s main inspiration and drive came from the satisfaction of creating a platform which is the foundation of the family he never had, speaking to the world through beautiful and moving instrumentals.

The platform’s central goal remains being able to craft Drill Music and work sustainably and effectively with other artists who need to be amplified by providing them fitting, eclectic instrumentals. The group hopes to normalize a superior level of artist exposure through their platform.

Visit Drillygirl Entertainment BX’s iInstagram: @drillygirl Ent. to find more about their exciting Beatstore, Merch Store and all the links pertaining to the intriguing new platform ‘Drillygirl Entertainment’!



Drillygirl Entertainment is something that started off as a platform to launch a female artist from the Bronx, New York City, who was offered a deal elsewhere through their expert training. The platform is still pushing the ball towards being productive in the music scene, spearheaded by prolific producer and coordinating force- Medina, working hard simply by the ambition to create.

Standing out with their music, Drillygirl Ent. remain unique because they gain attention in the Drill scene just through Beats. Medina has always been talented in music and with the rising platform, he hopes to help others with prominence and musical exposure. With the right support, ambition, and energy, the brilliant project can help keep the creators off the streets!



Drillygirl Entertainment BX.
Name: N.J. Plummer
Address: 376 West 15th Street, Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 4244737389



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