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Feisty, Hard-Hitting, and Explosive Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop – Multi-Genre Hitmaker Denali Da Don Drops New Album

Flourishing in the contemporary scene, Denali Da Don’s new album, ‘Harrisburg Finest’ is a wave of trendsetting, savvy, and bold musical styles

Atlanta, Georgia — August 20th, 2022 – Few artists in the Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop world can create compositions as powerful and unique yet also intimately crafted as Denali Da Don can. The seasoned, self-made artist displays a magnetizing force and prowess with his new album, ‘Harrisburg Finest’.

Emanating a highly unique vibe and style that is characteristic of his craft, independent artist Denali Da Don showcases a trendy, riveting, and exquisite style. Slated to release on August 19th, 2022, ‘Harrisburg Finest’ features bold, spirited, and hard-hitting lyricism, which will surely be gripping and exciting for fans of the genre.

Arguably the artist’s best work to date, ‘Harrisburg Finest’ has been produced by Buddha Vybez and features an engrossing, jaw-clenching set of tracks with beats that beautifully complement Denali Da Don’s delivery.

With his new album Denali Da Don is bringing to the forefront, a hard-hitting ammunition from his newly found arsenal of explosive lyrics. With tracks such as “444 GLO UP”, “RARE”, and “HARRISBURG AFTER HOURS”, the eclectic artist is bound to amaze audiences with his lyrical brilliance. A passionate songwriter, Denali’s style remains unmatched, matched by his catchy “matter of fact” delivery and wordplay – something that continues to set him apart from other artists.

Delivering astounding, brilliant, and heart-pounding tracks such as “THE INDOCTRINATION”, “HIGHLY UNIQUE AND SCARRRD”, “LYRICAL EDUCATION”, and others, the artist hopes his new album proves to be the hottest projects to drop in 2022.

Brimming with anthems that spark all the right emotions and breathe life into mesmerizing stories, ‘Harrisburg Finest’ is all set to become an album for the ages, and one that should not be slept on. With his new music, Denali Da Don hopes to reach out to the masses and shoot for the stars with his infectious, characteristic energy.

Stream Denali Da Don’s scintillating new album, ‘Harrisburg Finest’ on his official music streaming platforms and follow the artist on social media for updates on new music! Contact the artist’s representative, Tremaine @ 4707494312 for booking interviews and shows!




Denali Da Don is an independent, solo artist who brings with himself a string of many talents. He owns and operates the fantastic, growing music label XQZT TRENDY CULTURE Entertainment and has experience collaborating with numerous rising and hip Rap artists such as Oz Nation’s own Atm da Menace. Denali Da Don has been making music since 2000 and bankrolls his musical projects with his savvy business sense.

With his refreshing and bold new album, ‘Harrisburg Finest’, Denali Da Don guarantees fans an absolutely visceral and passionate musical ride. The artist also strongly looks forward to his next project which is set to be a collaboration with fellow up-and-coming Atlanta artist, SBE CLOVER.


Denali Da Don
Name: Xqzt Trendy Culture Entertainment
Phone: 4707494312



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