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Gritty, Passionate, and Uniquely Herself – Rising Hip Hop Star BillyCEO Drops New Single and Music Video

Charged by an infectious enthusiasm, BillyCEO is all set to captivate and inspire audiences from all walks of life, with her bold new single “Extortion”

Atlanta, Ga — August 13th, 2022 – An ingenious artist driven to cement her spot as the rising Queen of Hip Hop, BillyCEO is raking in all the attention with her hottest new track, “Extortion”. The stirring new track, comes alongside a fitting musical video, adding onto BillyCEO’s splendid discography.

“Extortion” embodies a characteristic breadth, clever lyricism, and catchy melodies- everything that makes the up-and-coming prodigy stand out from other artists in Hip Hop. With her flow, smooth verses, gripping songwriting, and engineering, BillyCEO delivers an unforgettable experience with her new track.

“Extortion” follows up on the artist’s three other original releases from 2022, including: “Two Ways”, “Come Along Way”, and “Talken About”. The new song was composed after BillyCEO purchased an instrumental from YouTube. However, after reading over the terms of the contract, she learnt that the producer wanted 100 percent of production credit and 75% writers share, leaving billy with only 25% of a song she created.

Disheartened by this unfair system, the eclectic artist decided to collaborate with hit making producer TSH made it and “Extortion” was dropped for listeners on January 29th, 2022.

“At times I jam out to my music, and I am surprised at what I just said or how good it sounds, sometimes I am even shocked. I am my favorite artist and my number one fan, I rarely listen to other artists,” comments BillyCEO regarding her music.

Billy considers her parents the reason why she fell in love with music in the first place, inspiring her throughout her life and career. She remains grateful to her team for their many sacrifices in helping her platform and hopes to shine as bright as she can before her grandparents, her anchors, leave for the next world. With a goal to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, BillyCEO is on track to become an international phenomenon and a super star by the age of 33.

Stream BillyCEO’s new music on Spotify and follow her extraordinary musical journey through ig: Billyceoduh
and TikTok:billyceo!




Born and raised in Sunny South Florida, Ashley “Kayolana” Williams has always been a person that “shines”. Her brilliant, youthful, yet brash delivery in music embraces and captivates the streets as well as a radio friendly and targeted audience. Writing about her perspectives on fashion, life, love, laughter, friendships, and jealousy, Billy delivers a viewpoint many of her peers and fans can relate to.

Since the age of 5, BillyCEO quickly showed an interest in music. From performing in front of close friends and relatives, to local school talent shows, club performances to the big stages, BillyCEO has already developed a strong fan base. The CEO has had plenty of success with viral videos starting with her lesbian lifestyle remix, Money Baby remix, So gone challenge and many more.

BillyCEO believes her talent, drive, passion and unending enthusiasm is a direct gift from the Almighty God. a top notch niche brand of music. She has been able to perform in many large venues along side of some of the industries best. Trina, Plies, Fat Joe, Fetty Wap, Fabulous, Lil boosie, Young Thug, lil Wayne, just to name a few.


Name: Billyceo
Phone: 7866780316



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