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Electrifying Fusions of Rock, Progressive, Jazz, and R&B – Art & Pete Redefine Songwriting with “Songw3rks Vol. 2”

Chicago Duo Art & Pete’s inventive musical spirit takes all audiences by surprise as they set new standards with a heartfelt, moving, and thoroughly immersive release

Chicago, Illinois —For the past two years, multi-genre sensations Art & Pete have been captivating audiences with their unique songwriting process on Twitch. During live sessions lasting 4-6 hours, they invite audience participation to shape every aspect of the songwriting journey, from topics and styles to time signatures and keys. The result? A series of collaborative, moving masterpieces that showcase the power of community-driven creativity and the ingenuity of team-led creative process.

Their latest endeavor, “Songw3rks Vol. 2,” builds upon the success of their debut crowdsourced album, “Songw3rks Vol. 1.” In this new release, Art & Pete offer fans an intimate look into their songwriting process through half-hour webisodes, condensed from their live Twitch sessions. By eliminating the minutiae and focusing on the essence which underpins each of their tracks, the artists provide their viewers with an immersive behind-the-scenes experience.

In addition to the album release, Art & Pete are unveiling a coffee table book chronicling the writing and recording journey of both “Songw3rks” volumes. Featuring full-color photos and commentary from collaborators, the book offers readers a glimpse into the creative minds behind the music.

What sets Art & Pete apart is their commitment to inclusive and transparent collaboration. Unlike ego-driven projects, they welcome input from every collaborator, challenging traditional notions of songwriting and production. By demystifying the creative process, Art & Pete aim to inspire others to embrace open collaboration and explore new artistic horizons.

Art & Pete’s music is characterized by its whimsical yet profound nature, seamlessly blending genres and storytelling techniques. Their emphasis on lyrics and thematic depth, elevated by their uniquely and distinctively thought-out musical scores, sets them apart from artists who rely solely on catchy hooks or gimmicks.

Through their holistic approach to music creation, Art & Pete invite listeners to become active participants in the creative journey. From the initial spark of an idea to the final recording session, every step is documented and shared with the audience. This openness and transparency foster a sense of community and connection, enriching the overall musical experience.

“Songw3rks Vol. 2” is now available on all streaming platforms, accompanied by full-length songwriting sessions on YouTube. Art & Pete encourage artists to cover and reinterpret their songs, embracing the transformative power of music. For inquiries and collaborations, contact Art & Pete at, and explore their creative journey online!



Art & Pete, a dynamic musical duo based in Chicago, Illinois, have been pushing the boundaries of collaborative songwriting since 2018. With an eclectic blend of jazz, pop, progressive rock, R&B, and rock influences, Art & Pete’s music defies genre constraints, reflecting their diverse musical inspirations and exploratory spirit.


Art & Pete
Name: Art & Pete LLC
Address: 3260 N CLARK ST APT 405, Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 7736826910



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