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A Rousing Revival of Classic American Rock With a Modern Twist – Kenny Dubman Unleashes “Kentucky Breeze”

Kenny Dubman captures the essence of 70s Rock and Americana, offering listeners a heartfelt, guitar-Driven journey through Americana music

Tinton Falls, NJ —With the launch of “Kentucky Breeze” on March 12, 2024, Kenny Dubman does not just release an album, but rather, reignites the embers of classic rock with a fervor that is both nostalgic and refreshingly new.

Recorded amidst the golden hues of fall 2023 at Sound Spa Studios, Edison, New Jersey, this masterpiece is the culmination of Dubman’s lifelong journey through the heart of rock music. Stephen Deacutis, wielding the engineering baton, alongside Jersey’s own Joe Bellia (drums), Rob Clores (keys), and Eric Winnicki (bass), has helped forge a sound that is as compelling as it is authentic.

“Kentucky Breeze” is an album which ncapsulates the dual essence of Kenny Dubman’s artistic vision: the unbridled energy of 70s rock blended seamlessly with the soul-stirring depth of Americana. It’s an album that speaks to the core of the human experience, offering narratives that resonate with anyone who’s ever dared to dream, to feel, and to seek the truth.

From the electrifying riffs that demand your attention to the introspective acoustic melodies that invite contemplation, Dubman masterfully balances the spectrum of human emotion, crafting songs that linger long after the last note fades.

In the pursuit of his musical odyssey, Dubman is unequivocal about his aspirations: to connect with fans worldwide and to embark on a never-ending tour that celebrates the communal spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. “Kentucky Breeze” presents audiences with a pathway to rediscovery, a bridge between eras, and a beacon of hope for the future of American music!

In a world where music often becomes a fleeting echo, Kenny Dubman’s “Kentucky Breeze” stands as a monument to the enduring power of Rock. It forms a strong reminder of the beauty that arises from authenticity, the strength born of vulnerability, and the unbreakable connection between an artist and their audience.

Stream the new release on Spotify and follow the artist on Instagram (@officialkennydubman), and YouTube (@kennydubman1395) to keep track of new and upcoming music! The artist extends an invitation to listeners everywhere to join him on this journey – a call to experience the raw, unfiltered essence of music, to share in the stories that bind us, and to keep the flame of rock ‘n’ roll burning bright.



Embarking on a sonic voyage that transcends time, Kenny Dubman emerges as the quintessential rocker with his groundbreaking album, “Kentucky Breeze.” Dubman, a figure synonymous with the gritty essence of American rock, has crafted a legacy that mirrors the very evolution of the genre. From the smoke-filled clubs of New Jersey to the hallowed halls of major label success with Prophet, and now, to a deeply personal return to his musical roots, Dubman’s career is a testament to resilience, passion, and an undying love for rock ‘n’ roll. With his latest work, Dubman invites listeners to partake in an audacious exploration of life’s intricate tapestry, underscored by the raw power of guitar and the honesty of Americana music.


Kenny Dubman
Name: Kenny Dubman



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