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Authentic Rap Verses From a Soaring Prodigy- Twiggy aka Thunderous Contender Presents Powerful New Album

Authentic Rap Verses From a Soaring Prodigy- Twiggy aka Thunderous Contender Presents Powerful New Album

A Skilled Platinum Recording Artist, Twiggy aka Thunderous Contender is turning up the heat with his fiery, bold, and honest new single “Operate”

Kansas City, Missouri — August 29th, 2023 –A Hip Hop artist who is sculpting his own admirable trajectory in the music world- Twiggy- also known by Thunderous Contender- mesmerizes with his thrilling new single. Titled- “Operate” the new track is all set to continue the artist’s narrative with a refreshing and compelling new vibe.

Having amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify alone for his hit past records, Thunderous Contender solidified his presence in the industry with his original releases. Bringing the authentic Kansas City appeal to his music, Twiggy’s music is more than just infectious, gripping tunes and captivating lyricism. Illuminating themes of struggle through hardships, perseverance, and grit, Twiggy brings a deeply personal and relatable angle to his new single.

“Hero” is, in essence, a dynamic, moving, and riveting ride through the artist’s mind. Confident and poised to take his place as the disruptive new phenomenon in the genre, the ‘Thunderous Contender’ is making his claims known.

Already a hit amidst millions of fans, Twiggy reached a renowned status with the release of his debut album. Receiving stellar reviews from fans and critics far and wide, the self-titled album reached 2 million+ streams on Spotify alone, and opened a gateway into the mind of a talented force.

The dynamic artist is on a mission to promote Kansas City through featured collaborations and song slot sales. Exciting opportunities await artists to jump on board with the new tracks “Operate” and “Hero,” – both of which will showcase the artist’s appealing craft on his official Spotify platform. “Operate” is set to drop on August 29th, while “Hero” will be unveiled on September 5th, 2023.

“Hero,” produced by the talented 18-year-old producer RKSTATE and engineered by Jaz Brewer at 64111 studios, exudes an electrifying energy that captivates listeners, especially during live performances. The song resonates deeply with Twiggy’s devoted fanbase, as it embraces the theme of conquering adversity and triumphing over life’s challenges. Brace yourself for an invigorating musical experience as Twiggy Aka Thunderous Contender delivers powerful performances that strike a chord with the audience.

Visit and stream, download, and enter the world of a thriving Hip Hop artist! Contact Twiggy on his Facebook or Instagram for work-related inquiries or even to let him know you heard one of his songs! (the artist would greatly appreciate!)




Twiggy, also known as Thunderous Contender, a platinum recording artist hailing from Kansas City. With a Wu-Tang inspired background, he has mastered the art of transforming thunderous noise into vibrant, upbeat Hip-Hop, and Underground Pop tracks filled with lyrical bars and metaphors. With over 2 million streams under his belt, Twiggy’s music has garnered widespread acclaim. To explore more of his compelling musical journey, visit Get ready to groove to his electrifying tunes and experience the essence of true artistry.


Twiggy Aka Thunderous Contender
Name: Twiggy Aka
Phone: ‪(816) 514-3285‬



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